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6 Actresses From Indian Web Series Left Long-Lasting Impact

6 Actresses From Indian Web Series Left Long-Lasting Impact

The mighty coronavirus couldn’t stop the entertainment industry, we could see the potential. Talking about the short career of actresses in Bollywood, it should be praised every nanosecond if an actress emerges out of nowhere and becomes the sensation.

The same happened during the lockdown and in recent months when some of the actresses shine giving their best performance in the web series, movies, and even the short videos. However, we sort down the list to make it more rational and look through all types of performances by actresses irrespective of the content being local or international.

Check out the list and point out if we miss some praiseworthy performances to include. Also, comment if you need any modifications to the list.

1. Ananya Sengupta – The Devil Inside, Indian Web Series

The Devil Inside web series comes from Ullu Orginal casting Sharib Hashmi and Arshi Khan in the lead role. For some reason, some of the major scenes were provided to Ananya Sengupta. For the moment, if you see the performance of the actress with the provided material, you will be mesmerized by Ananya Sengupta’s performance. I recommend you to watch it.


2. Namita Dubey – Aspirant

Aspirant emerges as one of the highest-rated Indian shows on the IMDb list. The majority of Indian audiences watched the TVF created web series Aspirant. Since the show is more focused on UPSC aspirants, the friendship of tripod, and genuine conversation with Sandeep Bhaiya, there was very little to do for actress Namita Dubey. Still, she made her impact so she should deserve the praise.


3. Priya Bapat – City Of Dreams, Indian Web Series 

City Of Dreams renewed for the second season and it got a positive response too. The major credit goes to the face of the show Priya Bapat. In each scene of the movie, Priya Bapat shines as the star. More than that, the same gender relationship of the lead character also hyped the show.

However, it doesn’t turn the fact that City of Dreams is one of the best Indian political thriller shows and Priya Bapat deserves everyone’s attention because of her acting skills.


4. Kirti Swarnkar – Tapa Tap

A short movie titled Tapa Tap starring Kirti Swarnkar in a key role stormed the internet. Well, the content itself is something fresh and first of its kind in India. Prime shots web series Tapa Tap made headlines with its content showing iconic wife swapping content. Kirti Swarnkar because of her attractive smile and captivating comic timing becomes everyone’s favorite in the short film.


5. Aayesha Salim – Chupee Rustom

Aayesha Salim was superb as a child actor, still making big in Bollywood was tough for the girl. She did many short film projects with Prime Shots, and web series with local OTT platforms like Kooku App and Ullu App. While you can check the separate list of Aayesha Salim movies and web series, she almost lured fans with her sensational performance in the web series Chupee Rustom.


6. Tanya Maniktala – A Suitable Boy

Tanya Maniktala now got international fame since her web series A Suitable Boy was broadcasted on BBC. A Suitable Boy was directed by Mira Nair so technically had a huge buzz. Despite the controversies with the show, it maintained to be one of the most loved web series. And the girl Tanya Maniktala became the star. It’s not just sheer luck; the actress put forth a brilliant performance in the series as well.


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