You are currently viewing Pinkflix Tumhara Gift Short Film Watch Online For Razia Khanam

Pinkflix Tumhara Gift Short Film Watch Online For Razia Khanam

Pinkflix Tumhara Gift Short Film Watch Online For Razia Khanam

Another day, another OTT. The thing is not stopping anytime soon. Undoubtedly the short film is not executed well; it does have the potential to be big in the long run. Pinkflix Tumhara Gift revolves around the usual home fight between a saas and bahu. However, things took a spicy turn after a while. Razia Khanam and Jahnvi Kale shine throughout the runtime.

The short and sensational story starts with a girl talking on the phone with her friend over something. With the discussion, it came out that the girl is actually the young mother of the protagonist.

At the dinner table, we witness the big fight between Saas (Razia Khanam) and Bahu (Jahnvi Kale). We cut to the scene where Jahnvi and Rishabh get cozy with each other after their wedding night. We get to know that Bahu’s character is unsatisfied in her marriage.

Table of Contents

Pinkflix Tumhara Gift Cast

Razia Khanam,

Jahnvi Kale,

Rishabh Sharma,

Abhay Mishra


Pinkflix Tumhara Gift Review

As stated earlier, the short film is poorly edited and shot at one location only. More than that, there’s nothing new in the show that you can remember for a while. Frankly speaking, if Ullu Web Series or Kooku Web Series have created content on a similar pitch, they would have done it better.

The cast has done a phenomenal job and did the best they can with written material. The special Suhaagraat scene would require costumes that they lack, the steamy scenes with the mother and the servant could be bolder which wasn’t.

Fans would love to see the actors of Pinkflix Tumhara Gift in other web series as well. For instance, there was a specific dialogue that says “Your gift.” Again, the screenplay is quite good, the execution is poor, but there’s scope for the good.

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