You are currently viewing Netflix Money Heist Season 5 Review – Things Are Still On Standstill

Netflix Money Heist Season 5 Review – Things Are Still On Standstill

Money Heist Season 5 Review – Things Are Still On Standstill

I have watched 4 episodes thinking that Money Heist Plot is not moving at all. Everything was on standstill; Professor was struggling with police officer Alicia Sierra, Ms. Professor, and the team struggling to hold their shit together. Nothing moved. For the worst, we got to see backstories just to fulfill the character arc of Tokyo.

It was only the last episode and somewhere middle of the fourth episode, we have seen the thrill and something unexpected that show creators have promised.

Show’s Writing Is Predicted But Compelling

The show writers are not at fault at all. I mean, c’mon we have seen Alicia Sierra pregnant from the pilot episode of Money Heist season 3. The baby would come out someday. And since she arrested Professor, it would be Professor who role-plays the midnight mother in the scene.

Arturo’s character is one of the most sought among Money Heist fans. Since we are in the endgame now; we do have to give his character closure too. Still, Money Heist writers brought a group of new characters to make the show feel intense.

It does look like writers are especially curbing all the fan’s theories (especially those that they can). They had done something unexpected to hold the exciting most cliffhanger for the Money Heist season 5 part 2. Undoubtedly, show writers are the real hero in the case of the Money Heist series.


Performances By Actors Are As Well As Expected

Since the major portion of the Money Heist Season 5 is an action war drama, there’s a little window for actors to steal the show via acting performances. Usually, Alvaro Morte and Ursula got much screen time to show their acting skills while others are just playing with guns and wars in the red costume.

Tokyo has just completed her arc in the series 5 episode runtime. Fans love the way her character has been shown throughout the series. Season 5 has shown her in a completely different arc. All the performances are well received by the fans. Úrsula Corberó is the standout in this first part of season 5 as she gave a much-layered performance.

Money Heist Season 5 USP and Fans Outlook

Netflix Money Heist is a fan favorite because of the twists and reveals it shows. For most of the part, the show never failed to shock the audience with the twists and surprise the audience out of nowhere. The series is worth watching, still with tons of loopholes and backstories.

The only reason if you don’t enjoy the show as much you enjoyed the previous seasons is the fact that you have anticipated the runtime with the twists every 10 minutes. The show is fast-paced, but binge-watching it can be draining at the same time. So don’t punish yourself by watching it as soon as possible. Take your time and understand the dynamics of characters.



At last, the show will hook you for the final season volume 2 with gripping the last episode. Money Heist Season 5 has more action than it feels like a long climax. It back-paddled a bit to complete the character arcs of Tokyo. And they created a Berlin story that they might use in Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2.

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