Ullu Originals: Madhosh Diaries “Adla Badli” Cast, Watch Online

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Ullu Originals: Madhosh Diaries “Adla Badli” Cast, Watch Online

Ullu Web Series decided to continue with the Madhosh Diaries segment where they pick urban legends and how rich people’s lives are in India. The first episode was about a good wife who decided to have some fun like her husband.

Madhosh Diaries episode 2 is titled ‘Adla Badli’ which is about either the wife swap or 4 people making love in the same room. Good thing is, in both ways, we are going to see the best. Ullu Web Series has been experimenting constantly with its content and coming up with some of the much-loved web series.

Madhosh Diaries are shot and released in the same vein as other Ullu web series have been released. For instance, Charm Sukh episodes are about fantasies and ecstasies, Palang Tod episodes are about intense quirky love, and Riti Riwaz was about taboo customs that still exist in India.

Madhosh Diaries Adla Badli Cast

Pamela Mondal – Reena,

Captain Armaan – Miraj,

Ananya Samarth – Mansi,

Paras Arora – Vimal


Ullu Web Series Adla Badli Synopsis

The story revolves around two happy couples who have nothing much to do but party and enjoy. The whole husband-wife dynamics are threatened when the spouse falls for another woman.

Honestly speaking fans have waited long to see something like this. In the last Ullu web series titled ‘Blue Whale,’ there was a passionate girl-on-girl action.

The web series Adla Badli has already showcased the wife swap theme. Probably, it’s Ullu Original chance to make the Madhosh Diaries series popular too.

Again, the theme of Madhosh Dairies is very popular and taken from the Hollywood series ‘Red Riding Shoe’. Taking about Ullu, it could be their thing as well as they have made many web series like this.

Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries Web Series Review

Ullu Original has outshone ALT Balaji the way they have provided such content. While ALT Balaji is coming up with a mixed response on their much-anticipated web series, Ullu Web Series is getting a good response for almost everything they are trying. Be it “The Devil Inside” or “Blue Whale” Ullu web series are top-notch.

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