The Complete List Of Primeshots Original Web Series

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The Complete List Of Primeshots Original Web Series

Primeshots Web Series and short films draw everyone’s attention by providing quality content. Even though they have released limited content, these are some of the best things you may find on the internet searching for Indian skinemax content.

Here we give you the list and all the Primeshots Original content so that you can pick yourself. All these web series and short films are made with hours of effort and creativity, so respect the creators and do subscribe to the Primeshots App to unlock premium content.

1. Surprise

Surprise Cast: Vandana Seth, Armaan Sandhu, Sameer Taneja, Ankur Hasampuria

A desperate “jugadu” boy tries to impress his “demanding” girlfriend. He decides to give her a surprise but that surprise turns out to be a twist in the tale. Vandana Seth looks adorable and cute with her tone and acting skills. Do watch this short film to get one surprise for yourself.


2. Sinner Love

Sinner Love Cast: Mridula, Vishal

It is a story about love and betrayal which bulb up an interesting twist at the end. The story will surprise you with the ultimate twist it has at the end.


3. Janleva Pyaar

Stars: Amit Kumar, Vandana Seth, Akshom Khanna, Gaurav Sharma & Vishal Deol

Janleva Pyaar which started as a sweet romantic tale from a couple’s honeymoon ends up being a horror. It is one of the early short films by the Primeshots App.


4. Seal

Seal Cast: Ashman, Pratibha, Sharanya

A rural boy is way more excited to spend his first time with his childhood love. He tries to get advice from his bhabhi, but the advice is not the only thing he is getting from her. It provokes the horror of taboos and traditions to build up with uneducated youth on trusting their better half.


5. Family Strokes

Family Stroke Cast: Aayesha Kapoor, Piya Verma, Armaan Sandhu, Raman Dagga & Ankit Suryavanshi

As the name suggests, Family Stroke’s first season is focused on a family with a twisted relationship. Aayesha Kapoor and Piya Verma should be praised for their boldness in front of the camera.


6. Family Strokes 2

Family Strokes 2: Sharanya Jeet Kaur, Armaan Sandhu, Mandeep Singh, Dr. Ravi Bushan Kansal, Poonam Walia

The guy named Mohit just wants to spend a good time with his girlfriend. The girlfriend turns out to be his roommate’s ex. Things get messy when she also brings her love affair to the game. Even though it has more potential as Sharanya Jeet Kaur joined the cast, it didn’t even match the hype of Family Strokes season 1.


7. Girlfriend

Girlfriend Cast: Pooja Dey, Swapnali Tayade, Prince Thakur & Ankur Hashampuria

The crime thriller genre has some goofy and sensational steamy moments as well. There were awesome scenes filmed between Pooja Dey and Swapnali Tayade as they played the lovers in the series.

girlfriend-web-series-watch-online (2)

8. Blue Tick

Blue Tick: Armaan Sandhu, Simran Khan, Sarvpreet Singh

The plot of the Blue Tick web series revolves around a young model who wants to become a big actress and she wants to get blue tick on her Instagram profile. However, it becomes hugely difficult to get the blue tick on Instagram.

She meets a man who assures her to get blue tick verified on Instagram. But she needs to make physical relation with the man. What happens next whether she gets verified on Instagram or not. You need to watch the Blue Tick web series online to find it out. Simran Khan looks sensational in this short film.


9. Shukranu

Shukranu Cast: Simran Khan, Sarvpreet Singh, Rinku Chauhan, Ankur Hasampuria

Rahul, a happily married guy, is not happy with his own skin color, when the time comes to plan for a baby; the couple decides to do something unorthodox to have a fair baby. The taboo has been presented in the most fun and sensational way.


10. Tapa Tap

Tapa Tap Cast: Mandy Bhullar, Shweta Ghosh, Amit Virmani, Kirti Swarnkar , Ankur Hashampuria

An unsatisfied husband decides to spice up his sex life by inviting another married couple for dinner where things take an unexpected turn. Kirti Swarnkar and Shweta Ghosh have given their best to the climax scene of the short film.

primeshots-tapa-tap-watch-online-for-erotic-indian-storytelling (1)

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