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Hotspot Charr Charr Is Not That Bad With Aayushi Jaiswal

Hotspot Charr Charr Is Not That Bad With Aayushi Jaiswal

Ullu Original brought a short film on their OTT platform titled ‘Hotspot Charr Charr’. With the trailer, it just looked like an ordinary tale, plus the story was quite transparent with the poorly chopped trailer. On the contrary, the short film is lovable to watch especially the chemistry between actors.

Aayushi Jaiswal is quite popular for her short film titled ‘Marital Rape’, Her confidence and acting skills are quite noticeable. Before her Hotspot Charr Charr short, she featured in the MX Player web series ‘Criminal Life’.

The story of Hotspot Charr Charr is nothing more than what the trailer provided. It starts with the wedding’s first-night scene where they found that the bed moans more than Aayushi Jaiswal. They proposed the idea to sell the bed.

Then there was a scene in which Aayushi Jaiswal ignored her husband because he failed to see the bed. Later, they have a raunchy scene in the kitchen with fondling and whatnot. Well, that’s it as the story later progresses with the scam procedure.


Ullu Web Series Charr Charr Cast & Watch Online

The moral of the story is not to use e-commerce apps for selling your old goods. Aayushi Jaiswal played the character of Chanda in the web series and she is the only attraction for the audience. It looks like Aayushi Jaiswal will surely get other web series projects from Ullu Originals as well.

In the meantime, Ullu has released the trailer of another story series. The release date is 14th September as usual, but the concept is a bit dark. I hope people will receive it well. The Game of Karma Kabristaan follows the obsession of a man who married a dead woman.

The story is bone-chilling and the trailer does look promising. Fans will definitely wait to watch the very first episode of Game Of Karma.

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