You are currently viewing Kooku Baby Sitter 2 Explored Soniya Singh Rajput Character

Kooku Baby Sitter 2 Explored Soniya Singh Rajput Character

Kooku Baby Sitter 2 Explored Soniya Singh Rajput Character

Kooku app dropped the Baby Sitter 2 Part 2 early and it fall flat. For some obvious reasons, it is nothing like Kooku Web Series used to make previously. You better watch previous videos of the Kooku app if you really want to see some Indian skinemax content.

It would be unbelievable if I say there is no scene at all in the part 2. It consists of two 15 minutes episodes that barely showed any chemistry between actors. Soniya Singh Rajput is one hell of a name in the OTT industry and the Kooku web series has wasted it completely.

They might have some different plans with the script as it does sound good on paper. Surely, the director worsens things. All the performances including the lead actress are lackluster, the director is to blame as he approved this as the final cut.

Soniya Singh Rajput Holds The Interest Of Masses In Baby Sitter 2

Admit it, people, for once interested to see the Baby Sitter 2 because of Soniya Singh Rajput. Well, Kooku has already tried the story before and it was successful. Sadly, many things have changed since they brought the Baby Sitter web series.

It reminds me of the fact that Baby Sitter has many more sassy and intriguing scenes than Baby Sitter 2. Plus, the story should be pressed and completed early, but they decide to release it in two parts.

If the Kooku web series will not bring something for the next Sunday, it would be not considered a good week. The majority of their fan base wait for interesting storylines and intimate love-making scenes that made them feel exotic and different.

Also, we are looking forward to seeing Soniya Singh Rajut in some other interesting projects. The actress has potential and she has done best with the provided material.

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