You are currently viewing Hai Taubba Chapter 3 Review: Stories Are The Hero

Hai Taubba Chapter 3 Review: Stories Are The Hero

Hai Taubba Chapter 3 Review: Stories Are The Hero

I have waited all day to see the Hai Taubba. It streamed in the evening and I binged watched the whole show. The stories in the Hai Taubba chapter 3 are really interesting that hook you from the very first scene.

You can watch it without overthinking about the time. For some moment, I request you not to judge the show on the fact that ALT Balaji has a reputation in the OTT business and it failed to deliver thought-provoking and gripping shows earlier.

Also, there are a few questionable scenes throughout the show runtime which I suggest you ignore as stories are very fulfilling.

Table of Contents

1. Sherni

Cast – Ekawali Khanna and Shaili Bhattacharya

Creators – Rohan Ghose and Konarak Mukherjee

The very first episode titled ‘Sherni’ is set in the period Bengal. The off-color palate is surely a creative choice but it certainly gives the taste of detachment from the content itself. The story progresses smoothly providing the audience everything they want in the series.

The casting director has done a tremendous job by casting some of the most skilled Bengali actors to make it look authentic.


2. F**k Bad Memories

Cast – Poulomi Das, Arshiya Arshi

I am a firm critic of LGBT representation in Bollywood and Indian films and web series. I was eager to see another portrayal of Poulomi Das as a gay character. It is one of the most sensible story arcs I have seen with LGBT characters in Bollywood.

The story is amazing and the performance is very subtle. Poulomi Das and Arshiya Arshi paired up as sweet lovers without intensifying the characters. In the nutshell, the story doesn’t scream that ‘C’mon, watch us, it’s LGBT.’ In many ways, it does create good memories for the LGBT community.


3. Mera Pati Kutta Hai

Cast – Abha Paul and Khushboo Thakkar

Another twisted tale that carefully depicted society norms and showed the satire in brilliant way possible. The execution was a bit dull but the creators should be praised for coming up with such content.

Mohd. Zeeshan came up with a brilliant script that can break some taboos and create some norms. Khushboo Thakkar is unimaginably sweet. The dialogues were a bit retard though, but the concept hook you in.


4. My Husband’s Lover

Cast – Amika Shail and Rutpanna Aishwarya

Purva Naresh brought a stellar conversation exchange between two women that unfolds twists and turns. Amika Shail and Rutpanna Aishwarya both are praiseworthy in this short flick. There are some instances when you feel that the story is dragged to nowhere.

The climax is amusing, but that’s what the creative team came up with. Amika Shail and Rutpanna Aishwarya have shown great chemistry. It is the best among all for stories in the ‘Hai Taubba Chapter 4’. Do binge-watch some of the great stories from ALT Balaji.


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