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Ullu Web Series Game Of Karma Watch Online

Ullu Web Series Game Of Karma Watch Online

Ullu Original is trying all the different things to change the drastic image it has created in the mind of viewers. We are going to see one spectacular web series titled ‘Game of Karma’. The very first episode of the anthology series titled Kabristan unravel the intriguing mystery.

It is all lovely to see Ullu Web Series digging a grave to find out quality content as well. However, fans might think it is a bit amusing. The web series short trailer has shown us graphic scenes. This web series is going to be not-so-ordinary web series.

The plot revolves around a crazy man who lived in the Funeral parlor and often commit insatiable activities with the still bodies. Once, he got caught red-handed but he accused the stranger in town. Villagers in a fit of rage committed the horrendous act by taking the lives of a stranger.


Game Of Karma And It’s Hype Among Fans

What happened next in the story is the crux of the ‘Game of Karma’ first episode. In many ways, Game of Karma is different from everything Ullu App has ever released on their platform.

For the content loves, Ullu upcoming web series is a treat to their soul. However, the majority of the audience is still waiting for something sassy to get served by Ullu Original. The good news is the fact that they have released the short teaser trailer of Palang Tod New Episode.

The whole week is packed with much good content throughout the local OTT platforms. Ullu Web Series will release two of its best mini-series ever. Game of Karma is more like a genuine series for the people who have a taste.

Palang Tod is one of the most celebrated series from Ullu Original. ‘Saas Bahu and NRI are going to be the 13th installment from the web series.

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