You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Is Back “Saas Bahu & NRI” With Rajsi Verma

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Is Back “Saas Bahu & NRI” With Rajsi Verma

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Is Back “Saas Bahu & NRI” With Rajsi Verma

It looks like an eternity as Ullu Web Series wasn’t showing something sensational and appealing. They have released “The Devil Inside” and “Blue Whale” and everything that is good scripts but lacks the intimate scenes as Indian OTT Ullu App is famous for.

Palang Tod is one of the best hit anthology series from Ullu Originals. It focuses on the funny storylines that ended up with three people sharing a bed together. Saas Bahu & NRI is no different, as it hinted at the wild climax scenes featuring Rajsi Verma in the center stage.

The story revolves around a newlywed couple who are enjoying the extreme of romance. The lonely mother of the groom develops the fantasy as she hears moans from her son’s bedroom. The wife decided to give her Mother-in-law some sort of treatment.


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Palang Tod “Saas Bahu & NRI” Cast

The cast of the series is not confirmed yet. However, fans know Rajsi Verma for her boldness. The second lead is most likely a new girl named Paromita Pari. The last episode of Palang Tod was Kiraayedar which was released in July 2021.

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Palang Tod Releate Date Is 17th September

Palang Tod has already released a dozen anthology series. Surprisingly, each one got a good response from fans and critics. Undoubtedly, the Palang Tod series plays a major role in making Ullu Original one of the most sought OTT platforms.

If Ullu Original really listens to its fan base, then they should definitely come up with more and more of Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Riti Riwaz, and even Prabha Ki Diary series.

Palang Tod’s series looks like a drop of water in the barren land as we haven’t seen anything good in like a month or so. Waiting for the release of Ullu Web Series Palang Tod “Saas Bahu & NRI”

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