You are currently viewing Marvel What If…? Episode 6 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Marvel What If…? Episode 6 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Marvel What If…? Episode 6 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Five stories of What If…? series has been explored and it got mixed response from fans. Marvel is swiftly changing the mantle and passing the torch to the next generation via 6 episodic series on Disney+. They introduced Wiccan and Speed as Wanda’s kids.

They reintroduced Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America. Loki series opened up the Multiverse and introduced us to the big bad Kang the Conqueror; Black Widow passed her mantle to Yelena in her solo adventure movie. Hawkeye trailer introduced Kate Bishop as the new archer in town.

While we still have time for the Hawkeye series and Eternals, it is time to witness another reality where Kill monger meets Tony Stark. Fans were waiting for the release of this specific episode for a long time. Since the trailer for ‘What If…?’ has been dropped, fans were expecting a big story around Killmonger.

Killmonger is a fan-favorite character since it made an appearance in the Black Panther movie. Partly because of the sensible character arc and partly because of Michael B. Jordan’s astonishing performance in negative character, the character became a huge hit.


Michael B. Jordon Voiced Killmonger in What If…? Episode 6

Rumors are Michael B. Jordan will return in the Black Panther 2 even though his character passed away in the climax of the first movie. It would be in the cliché comic book fashion as characters often reappear for the mission.

The sad demise of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman created a big void as MCU writers are finding ways to fill the void and create the Black Panther sequel ‘Wakanda Forever.

As the trailer suggests, Killmonger crossed paths with Tony Stark before Tony was captured in Afghanistan in 2008. This way, both the story diverse from the main timeline and create something unexpected. It could be anything as fans keep guessing how the story formulates.

It could be either Killmonger taking an armored suit or Tony Stark attacking Wakanda for the high-tech. The answer is streaming on Disney+, you can watch online if you have a Disney+ subscription.

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