You are currently viewing Primeshots Seal 2 Watch Online For Ayesha Kapoor

Primeshots Seal 2 Watch Online For Ayesha Kapoor

Primeshots Seal 2 Watch Online For Ayesha Kapoor

Primeshots emerges as one of the most promising local OTT platforms recently. They are coming up with limited but loaded content. Even though Primeshots OTT platform is not quite active on social media, they managed to grab the attention of the audience with their quality short films.

It seems like Ayesha Kapoor somewhat connected to the Primeshots. She featured in almost half of the short films streamed on Primeshots’ official OTT platform. Ayesha Kapoor is undoubtedly an actress of the major league.

Little you know that the actress is quite popular in the industry as a child actress. Ayesha Kapoor has shared screen space with Amitabh Bachchan in the award-winning movie Black. However, as an adult, she chose to work in local OTT series.

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Ayesha Kapoor and Ayesha Salim Is The Same Person

The actress also made a failed attempt to change her name from Ayesha Kapoor to Ayesha Salim. She is still famous as Ayesha Kapoor in the industry though.

Talking about Seal as Primeshot’s short film, it is one of the very good thought-provoking short films on rural India. If you visit YouTube, you can find countless videos on Seal (related to women’s virginity) from various content creators.

Primeshots has just modernized the story and present the concept with a stellar cast. Undoubtedly, SEAL 2 is backed with power-packed performances by the ensemble cast. Ayesha Kapoor is still the face Primeshots need to sell its short film.


Primeshots Seal 2 Synopsis and Review

Primeshots has already tested the concept before and get a favorable response. Recently released Primeshots short film titled ‘Tapa Tap’ got praised worldwide for the uniqueness and the perfect blend of the story with Indian skinemax.

The story of SEAL 2 revolves around a common man from rural India who is desperate to know whether her newlywed wife has previous affairs or not. Even though the wife (Ayesha Kapoor) swears that she kept her virginity intact, the husband didn’t believe her.

Later, in order to find the virgin girl, he ends up selling his home and land as well. In one sight, it does sound ruse and lack of creativity, but people from Rural India are cynical enough to relate to this. Also, it will have some of the most creative intimate sequences between the lead pair.

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