Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Watch Online For Pooja Joshi

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Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Watch Online For Pooja Joshi

It was surprising to see that Kooku App hadn’t had any release last Sunday. Thankfully, they managed to bring a web series that they can sell as premium content. No kidding, they are indeed selling Bubblepur web series as their premium content.

Also, the Kooku web series Bubblepur cast includes Asrani and Pooja Joshi. Both the actor and actress have a reputation on the Indian OTT platform.

Asrani was the face of Bollywood for a couple of decades, Pooja Joshi made a name for herself via web series on Hotshots Originals and many other platforms. Kooku app often brought popular names from the industry to perform the compelling writing they often do.

It is certainly not the first time, Kooku web series is releasing something as their premium content. However, they need to understand the type of audience that comes to see their OTT. Sadly, the premium content on Kooku App is not as good as their regular releases.

Kooku Web Series Bubblepur Cast

Pooja Joshi


Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Release Date 24th September 2021

The short trailer has nothing interesting to offer as it shows the star cast and the main theme of the show. Bubblepur shows the story of an Indian village where people decided to use a hospital. And everyone walks around wearing a ‘Condom’ locket.

Even the story of the series is hidden from the audience. The whole thing is set up in a way that people would sign up for the content and watch every detail about it. However, there’s one little shot of Pooja Joshi’s chest as well in the trailer. We can understand if the camera got a little sneaky there.

However, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the web series. We haven’t seen one of our favorite Pooja Joshi in months in the action. How the web series can maintain the balance between a good story and what the audience wants from the Kooku web series?

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