You are currently viewing Ye Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh Watch Online For Rachel

Ye Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh Watch Online For Rachel

Ye Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh Watch Online For Rachel

Ullu Originals has released the latest episode of Charmsukh and it is as we all expected it to be. The episode has two leading ladies Mahi Kaur and Rachel. Both the actresses have worked in Ullu Web Series Before. However, it is the first time Mahi Kaur and Rachel work in the same series.

The story of the web series fits the fan’s expectations. The point is… they managed to deliver the same product as fans expected. Ye Kaisa Rishta is a half-hour thrilling ride for people who crave Indian skinemax.

Rachel is surely the biggest surprise in the charmsukh latest episode ‘Ye Kaisa Rishta. ’ It is part 1 of the Charmsukh series which consists of 2 episodes. For the most of scene in Charmsukh, we have seen Mahi Kaur getting cozy with her husband while he was having fantasies for Rachel.

Ye Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh Cast


Mahi Kaur

Surprisingly, Rachel has her character name Rachel in the episode. While Mahi Kaur played the character of a caring Indian aunt.


Ye Kaisa Rishta Ullu Web Series Free Download

We recommend you to watch the web series on the official Ullu App. However, it is sad that many torrenting websites have leaked the web series on the internet. In the meantime, fans are also excited for Ye Kaisa Rishta Ullu Web Series Part 2. A short trailer is all in the way right now.

Ye Kaisa Rishta part 1 has built all the anticipation for the chemistry between uncle and Rachel in part 2. It will pay off hugely and part 2 scenes look more raunchy and bold. In the snippet for ‘Ye Kaisa Rishta part 2’, we will see Rachel getting cozy with her uncle. She wants to learn how people get into one kind of relationship.

Wait for Ye Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh part 2. In the meantime, watch the Charmsukh latest.

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