You are currently viewing 10 Sensational Yet Underrated Kooku Web Series To Watch Online

10 Sensational Yet Underrated Kooku Web Series To Watch Online

10 Sensational Yet Underrated Kooku Web Series To Watch Online

Kooku Web Series is one of the underrated OTT platforms. If we consider the number of quality web series produced by the Kooku App, probably we spent the whole day counting on it. Here, we enlist the 10 most sensational yet underrated Kooku Web Series you should watch online.

The reason for the lack of popularity is just bad marketing. They failed to build up the necessary hype for the web series when they scheduled to release. Thankfully, all those Kooku web series find their audience over time.

1. Rasmalai

One can easily re-watch Rasmalai as it is one of the most sensational storylines Kooku web series ever come up with. It has all the factors about Indian ecstasy which makes it more lovable. All this builds up to a strange love-making scene at the end. I think the picture will make it clearer.

Rasmalai Kooku Web Series

2. Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series

For a moment, if you avoid the half-baked titles of the Kooku web show, you will find entertainment at best. Recently released Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar shows the rocky love life of a couple who took online therapy. This entire thing gets a sensational closure at the end.


3. Chiken Curry

Some fans love Ankita Dave for her curvy figure. In my opinion, Chicken Curry is the best series from Kooku App. It has the most sensational performance by both the female lead Ankita Dave and Neelam Bhanushali. You can’t afford to miss this juicy and tasty tale.


4. Atithi In House

Atithi In House success went in a way that they made 5 parts of the series. Each episode featuring the same cast having a complex relationship with all the PG boys and girls. This is probably the answer from India to the Friends and Family series.


5. Anamoly Kooku Web Series

Anamoly is a thrilling story of Abhishek who is trapped in the maze and re-living the GUILT of a heinous crime again and again. The crux of the story is the answer to whether Abhishek breaks free from this Chakravyuh. It stars Neeta Shetty in the dynamic role.

anomaly kooku web series

6. Behrupriya

Behrupriya revolves around a widow and a guest in the house. As the series progresses, Anil finds out many things about Priya that others don’t know and he decides to take advantage of that. What will happen in the end will shock Anil. Kalyani Jha gave a praiseworthy and bold performance.

Behrupriya kooku web series

7. Jal Bin Machali Kooku Web Series

Jal Bin Machali from Kooku is a thrilling romantic web show. It will hook you with its screen time with a captivating storyline and astounding performance by the ensemble cast. Jal Bin Machali’s cast includes Pruthavi Zutshi, Ayushi Sharma, Nisha, Baby, Mahali, and others in a key role.


8. Shadi Vivah

Shaadi Vivah is a popular web Show from Kooku App. Shaadi Vivah Cast includes Divyaa Singh, Nidhi Mahawan, and Kcarren Rajput. The story revolves around Anahita and Manisha who are con-women. They find single rich guys on the internet, marry them and escape with all their money.

Shadi Vivah Kooku web series 2

9. Love Letter Kooku Web Series

Love Letter watch online on the Kooku app. Kooku is making web series to keep in mind for the young generation. The story revolves around Sharanya Jit Kaur. She looks gorgeous in each frame of the web show.

Love Letter Kooku Web Series

10. Saheli

Saheli is a story of two girls who wish to get married. Due to pressure from the family and society, they plan to consult a doctor for a gender change operation but to go through the operation. The doctor has some strange condition.

Saheli Kooku web series

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