Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series And Movies Watch Online

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Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series And Movies Watch Online

A model turned actress is stealing the show and making name for herself. Aayushi Jaiswal got a couple of shows recently and stunned everyone with her bold performances. If you are the one who searches for Aayushi Jaiswal movies and web series. This article is for you.

She was active in Bollywood for a long time, it is only now that she is getting noticed. Here, check out some of the recent work from the actresses and made sure to binge-watch everything related to actresses.

1. Marital Abuse (2019) – Movie

One of Aayushi Jaiswal’s early works comes in a thought-provoking movie Marital Abuse. The movie was released in 2019 and received critical acclaim. Go watch this movie to experience one of the most gripping and captivating pieces of storytelling.


2. Hotspot Charr Charr (2021) – Ullu Web Series

Ullu Original recently collaborated with Hotspot to brought a stingy tale of the couple and their problem with online second-hand goods selling apps. Aayushi Jaiswal played the wife in the Charr Charr web series and gave some stunning sequences to watch for the audience.


3. Chinnar (2021) – Rabbit Movies

Rabbit Movies are contributing to the Indian skinemax by bringing astonishing story arcs. However, the one with Aayushi Jaiswal is not that stunning if you want to know the truth. Still, you would see the actress Aayushi Jaiswal in a different light here. Rabbit Movies Chinnar is available to watch online.


4. Maya (2021) – Hothit Web Series

Aayushi Jaiswal featured in the lead role of Maya in the Hothit Web Series Maya. The story follows a popular model who is mysterious. The first episode of the Maya series has been released today and it looks beautiful.


As the Hothit OTT promised, there are many more episodes of Maya are still to come. And Since we know the history of Hothit OTT, we might see some skin from the actress as well in the future episodes.

We keep updating Aayushi Jaiswal’s web series and movies on this page.

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