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Puja Joshi Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Puja Joshi Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Puja Joshi made a swift transition from Indian daily soaps to local OTT. We must mention the type of fame she received after being part of various web series at the local OTT platform. Puja Joshi collaborated with TAN the director and gave some of the bold performances early in her career.

The actress didn’t hesitate to show some skin as well. However, local OTT is going modest these days, there is literally nothing that can’t expect from Puja Joshi now. Take a look at her filmography to get an idea of what you should watch.

1. Bubblepur (2021) – Kooku Web Series

Kooku Web Series brought another premium content with some of the big names from the industry. Bubblepur is a captivating story of a village and the problems villagers face. Puja Joshi played the character of hottie in the village.

The Bubblepur web series is available to watch online on Kooku App. You can actually see that Puja Joshi has the potential to perform other great parts as well if she got the chance.


2. Scorned – Nuefliks

It is most likely the movie on Nuefliks. Scorned cast Puja Joshi and Shikha Sinha in a dynamic role. For the first time, the director Tan acted in the movie himself. The choreography and cinematography have elevated the movie. It is one of the best Indian skinemax to watch.


3. Intercourse 2 – Hotshots Original

Intercourse was the web series that established Puja Joshi as one of the finest actresses on local OTT. It has many skin-revealing scenes and actresses performed all brilliantly. If you love to watch Indian skinemax, Intercourse 2 must be in your watch library.


4. Agent Mona – Hotshots Original

After the success of Intercourse 2, Hotshots Original brought Puja Joshi again in the short thriller titled ‘Agent Mona.’ Fans speculated that it was partly because of the ongoing demand to watch the actress in another sensational web series.


5. Sarla Bhabhi – Nuefliks

For some reason, Indian audiences are craving to watch anything that has Bhabhi written on it. You can check as Sarla Bhabhi series went on to make 5-6 seasons with all different actresses. Almost all the actresses are now popular names in the industry. Puja was Sarla Bhabhi in season 2.


6. Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya – Nuefliks

Another sensation web series just after the success of Hotshots Original short film Intercourse 2. Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya was wild as it cast Sejal Shah and Puja Joshi in the lead role. Both the actresses were the prominent star of the local OTT a few years ago.


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