Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Part 2 Watch Online For Afreen Shaikh

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Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Part 2 Watch Online For Afreen Shaikh

Sad news for fans as the Kooku Web Series Instagram account has been deleted for policy violation. Well, the show must go on and for this, they have released the second part of the Bubblepur web series on their app.

Bubblepur series noted as the Premium content on the Kooku app featured some of the popular faces from the industry. Actresses like Puja Joshi and Afreen Shaikh featured in the show and gave their best with the provided material.

While Bubblepur part 1 showed the happening and romance of the village, Bubblepur part 2 is about urban lifestyle and their stories. The scene starts with a party where 5 friends gather up to celebrate the birthday of a girl.

From dance to jokes to party, they went on separate to have their steamy moments. Afreen Shaikh looks smoky hot in her black outfits while Kalpana Pandey is more visible in the scenes with passionate and well-choreographed scenes.

Bubblepur Kooku Cast

Afreen Shaikh

Kalpana Pandey

Neha Mondal

Puja Joshi


Bubblepur Web Series Kooku Review

Definitely, Bubblepur part 2 is far better than the Bubblepur part 1. After considering the storyline and scenes, it can be said that new actresses like Afreen Shaikh and Kalpana Pandey have done a tremendous job together.

If you have nothing much to do then you should surely watch online Bubblepur Part 2 on Kooku App. The show is a wonderful retreat. It looks like we all are getting quality skinemax content again as the Ullu Games of Karma series has elevated the level.

With this, fans are also expecting some LGBT content from the Kooku app or Ullu App. I hope it would be in their next web series writing. Surprisingly, Kooku hasn’t released any LGBT content after its resume from Raj Kundra’s case.


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