You are currently viewing Happy Birthday Games Of Karma Watch Online For Hitushree Zharbade

Happy Birthday Games Of Karma Watch Online For Hitushree Zharbade

Happy Birthday Ullu Games Of Karma Watch Online For Hitushree Zharbade

Finally, the latest episode of Games Of Karma landed on Ullu App. It has everything that people have asked for. The gritty scenes, stunning performance by the ensemble cast, and captivating storyline. A big shoutout to bold Hitushree Zharbade who actually went bottomless in a scene.

There are two more episodes left from the Games of Karma anthology. The series is getting bigger and bolder with every episode. While people are in awe of Hitushree Zharbade, there was another actress who was as beautiful as Hitushree.

Priyanshi Raghuvanshi played wife number 1 in the Games of Karma Happy Birthday. In her short screen time, she left an impact. We wish to see her in more prominent roles later.


Games Of Karma Happy Birthday Cast

Gyan Prakash

Hitushree Zharbade

Priyanshi Raghuvanshi

Hitushree Zharbade Appears Bottomless In A Scene

Even for the Ullu Web Series, this is another kind of bold. We have seen Gyan Prakash in a never-seen-before avatar. However, it is Hitushree Zharbade who stole the show.

The reveal of bottomless Hitushree was very creative as they hid it behind the pillow. Many people would think that Ullu creators have used blocking to shoot the scene aesthetically. However, just after the moment, she took a turn to reveal Hitushree was actually bottomless in the scene.


It was surprising to see but Ullu Original decided to blur out the portion. It was a big move; Ullu App has just drawn the audience towards them by just showing something unexpected. Not to mention that the scene was creative as well.

If you are the one looking for good Indian skinemax content, Ullu App just brought you some of the best with their ‘Games Of Karma’ series. I am very curious about the Games of Karma next two episodes.

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