You are currently viewing Netflix You Season 3 Is Full Of Blood And Romance

Netflix You Season 3 Is Full Of Blood And Romance

Netflix You Season 3 Is Full Of Blood And Romance

You came again and brought more bloodshed and romance. You know that this is what people like, but isn’t it making you one of those binge-able web series that has no impact on your mind the moment you stop watching. I expect you to be nice and witty in your own way.

Exhibit A – You need a good ending, a proper climax. And just stop rushing with extended storylines even though you have enough to tell. Did you have plans for the ‘You series’ before it was picked by Netflix?

If you disappoint fans, we would end up saying at the end… they all disappoint you.’ However, I am waiting to get surprised. A surprise by ‘You Season 3.’ What do you have in store for the fans?

Even though Joe Goldberg is the soul of the show, I am looking forward to the gritty lines that make Penn Badgley the Joe Goldberg. The quest to find peace and getting rid of obsession will continue in the third season of Netflix You as well.


Penn Badgley And Victoria Pedretti New Life In Soulless Suburb In You Season 3

YOU Season 3 picked up right from where season 2 ended. Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn moved to suburb and Love are pregnant with Joe’s kid. The short teaser was also released by Netflix to reveal the name of Joe’s baby. It is Henry, Henry Goldberg.

As the YOU season 2 is somewhat very similar to the maiden season, it would be good to see if they brought something new in Joe’s life.

The short trailer of YOU Seasons 3 was very cryptic as it included many snippets and awe moments from the show without revealing much. However, the kills and hiding bodies are shown in the trailer too. Especially the last shot where the new couple was digging a grave and little Henry was having his own fun.

In Joe and Love’s relationship, they were doing couple’s therapy. They don’t trust each other as the trailer has many scenes where they scream at each other.

In many ways, the YOU Web Series is going to be fun. Now, it is less than 3 weeks.

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