You are currently viewing Marvel What If…? Episode 8 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Marvel What If…? Episode 8 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Marvel What If…? Episode 8 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Seven stories of What If…? series has been explored and it got mixed response from fans. Especially the seventh episode of What If…? has hyped the show very much. It shows the possibility to Thor has been raised as a single child in Asgard.

The show has many beats and tons of easter eggs throughout the screen time. Even the end was something which wasn’t expected at all. We got to see the more humanized form of Watcher. For the first time, it is revealed that Watcher also blinks, which means he can miss something too.

The climax of What If…? Episode 7 showed the watcher narrating how people live happily in this world, and then something happened to which Watcher threw strange reactions. We see Ultron has arrived using space stone. It was revealed that Ultron won and he has all the infinity stones as well as Vision’s body.

Since we have seen the mid-season promo, we got to see the unique assemble where Supreme Dr. Strange fight along with Bruce Banner. Fans are expecting to see the big showdown in the last remaining 3 episodes of the What If…? series.


What If…? Episode 8 Is Somewhat Real Age Of Ultron Story

We have got one age of Ultron story with the Avengers. However, this is somewhat more comic accurate as Ultron becomes the big bad here. He got the body of Vision, and all the infinity stones as well. He arrived to fight Thor.

It is expected that the What If…? Episode 8 is the continuation of What If…? Episode 7, or either shows the back story of how Ultron ended up getting all the infinity stones.

The little What If…? Episode 8 sneak peek hinted at two things, first Gamora is fighting Ultron, and second Natasha Romanoff wielding Captain America’s shield. Furthermore, it shows the possibility of Ultron going rough and getting the power of all infinity stones.

If this is the Ultron story, then we will definitely be going to see the epic showdown in the last two episodes of the What If…? series. If you are asking whether to watch the What If…? series, the answer is streaming on Disney+, you can watch online if you have a Disney+ subscription.

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