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Ullu Web Series Complete List Watch Online

The Complete List Of Ullu Web Series Watch Online

Ullu App was created as a local Indian OTT platform to create and share short stories and web series. The CEO Vibhu Aggarwal paved the way by creating generous stories that will hit Indian audiences. Initially, they picked taboo subjects and then slowly made progress with bold content.

Here, take a look at all the Ullu Web Series and short films released yet. Also, we have created this long article in various parts so that the web page doesn’t crash every time you open up the ‘Ullu web series complete list.’

1. 26 January

26 January Cast – Mrunal Jain, Madhurima Tuli

The very first web series on the Ullu Platform was on 26 January. It was a slow-burn love story between a police officer and a terrorist. The web series featured famous faces from the TV industry. Mrunal Jain and Madhurima Tuli played the lead pair in the very first Ullu Web Series.


2. Dubeyji & The Boys

Dubeyji & The Boys Cast – Bijendra Kala

Ullu Originals have tried bringing the comical relief in his second attempt. The web series ‘Dubeyji & The Boys’ starred Bijendra Kala in a prominent role. However, it was a forgettable venture and nobody remembered the series at all.


3. Bribe

Bribe Cast – Harshita Gaur, Megha Gupta

The Bribe web series showed a glimpse of rural India and how people cope with their life with the bare minimum. Even though the story was flat, it got raving reviews because of the big stars. Sadly, the conflicts about the representation of the characters, actors decided not to promote the series at all.


4. Singardaan

Singardaan Cast – Shraddha Das, Ankita Dave, Amar Upadhayay, Tanima Bhattacharya

Coming to the myth and mystery, Ullu Web Series brought sensational series ‘Singardaan’ which has many popular faces. Shraddha Das was one of the lead actresses in the series. Amar Upadhayay and Tanima Bhattacharya were in their never-seen-before avatar. And it was Ankita Dave who made a sensation OTT debut.


5. Wanna Have A Good Time

Wanna Have A Good Time Cast – Flora Saini, Manish Raisinghan

A sweet short film starring Flora Saini and Manish Raisinghan hit the Ullu Platform and took the internet by storm. From their chemistry to execution, everything about ‘Wanna Have a Good Time’ was kind of amazing and sensational to watch.


6. Sweet Lie

Sweet Lie Cast – Devoleena Bhattacharya and Yash Pandit

The TV stars Devoleena Bhattacharya and Yash Pandit collaborated for the sweet and sour tale of the newly married couple. The short flick ‘Sweet Lie’ is available on Ullu App to watch online. You need to appreciate the efforts actors did to come up with such stories.


7. Guardian

Guardian Cast – Ruma Sharma

A thought-provoking tale of father and son where father hires a guardian to teach life lessons to his only child. Ruma Sharma shines as the Guardian with all different tricks. It has many intimate moments which were awe at the release of the web series.



8. Gandu

Gandu – Khushi Mukherjee and Ruma Sharma

Ullu shocked everyone with their unique scripts selections. They created a web series about the devil and their love for flesh. The series starred Khushi Mukherjee and Ruma Sharma in key roles. Both the actresses are now prominent names in the industry.


9. The Cottage

The Cottege Cast – Neha Choudhary, and Shweta Khanduri

While they were considered best for creating drama and romance, they brought a horror series as well. The series titled ‘The Cottege’ has many jumps scares as well. Neha Chaudhary and Shweta Khanduri played the female lead in the series.


10. Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise Cast – Yash Pandit, Shikha Chhabra

It is a twisted story of a couple who are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Later, it was revealed that the spouse was cheating on each other. Ruma Sharma gave another memorable performance as the cynical wife.


11. The Choice

The Choice Cast – Kajal Shankhwar, Savant singh Premi, Bhavin Wadia

A typical Bollywood-style drama we got to see in the Ullu Web Series ‘The Choice.’ The short film was remarkable for its cinematography. However, it fell flat as people find it hard to see the degrading quality of the web series.


12. Dance Bar

Dance Bar Cast – Poonam Rajput, Kanisha Malhotra, Niyati Joshi

Ullu Original brought some of their best content afterward. One of them was Dance Bar which has many popular faces. For instance, actresses like Kanisha Malhotra, Poonam Rajput, Niyati Joshi were the face of the web series.


13. Inspiration

Inspiration Cast – Tanushree Dutta, Ishani Sharma, and Taranjit Kaur

On Women’s Day, they come up with a short film documentary that includes interviews and talk sessions with Bollywood actresses who have been part of the MeToo movement. Actresses like Tanushree Dutta, Taranjit Kaur, and Ishani Sharma came on board to be part of it.


Ullu Web Series Complete list is curated for the people who look where it all started. The Ullu Web Series List is big and covered in many parts.

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