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Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Games Of Karma comes as one of the most refreshing take on the short stories and anthologies. Ullu Originals just used the new packaging to sell the content even more. This time, fans are actually waiting to see if another story has something different and explicit than the previous one.

Here, take a look at the 4 different stories came from 4 already-released GoK episodes. All of them are very similar the way stories are told, however it has many differences as well. For instance, the class difference is obvious as Kabristan showed the story of village while BDSM shows the story of rich entrepreneur.

1. Games Of Karma Kabristan

Many have doubted the series intention when first episode dropped on the Ullu App. It shows the lifestyle of a person in morgue and how he physically abuses corpses. The episode ended as he became the prime reason to trap his own kid in front of villagers.


2. Games Of Karma Kachra

It revolves around a happily married couple where husband is very protective and jealous. He literally ends his anniversary party after watching her wife dancing with friends. The woman forgave her however things took ugly turn when she found out about her husband’s affair. In order to take revenge from her husband, she does with garbage handler in front of her husband.

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3. Games Of Karma Happy Birthday

The third episode is pretty weird as it shows the man’s fantasy with women after her wife passed away. Gyan Prakash gave captivating performance in the episode. However, it was Hitushree Zharbade who stole the show by appearing bottomless in one of the scene sequence.


4. Games Of Karma BDSM

The latest episode of Games Of Karma brought back the memories of hearing about BDSM and the movie ’50 Shades Of Grey.’ Hiten Tejwani fits into the character of local Chrisitian Grey while Swati Bakshi will be the female lead in the episode.


5. Games Of Karma Episode 5

As it was cleared in the first episode that there would be only five episodes, it would be lovely to see how season finale ends. For the record, the series haven’t explored the categorized theme yet. Most probably, the finale episode might give the climax you are looking for.

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