Aayesha Kapoor Seal 2 Watch Online On Primeshots Original

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Aayesha Kapoor Seal 2 Watch Online On Primeshots Original

In the midst of everything happening, Primeshots brought you another quality content. Seal 2 web series just released the second and final episode and it is completely sensational. The cinematography of the web series Seal 2 is complete wow.

The Seal 2 cast is also phenomenal and can we just praise the screen presence of gorgeous Aayesha Kapoor in the web series. Even though Seal 2 is one of the many collaborations of Aayesha Kapoor with Primeshots Original, it comes as the best.

The story picks right from the point it ends in episode 1. The husband is all crazy to enjoy the first night with his wife in the traditional way. He builds some expectations and warns his wife about ‘Vaginal blood after intimacy.’

The husband becomes dreadful when blood didn’t emerge out. He got to know about a medical procedure that helps women get their vaginal muscles fixated. He arranged the whopping money by gathering his savings and selling his assets.

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Aayesha Kapoor Seal 2 Is the Best Thing On the Internet

After the first successful operation, the bigshots of his village came and picks him up. The wife compromised to get her husband out of the ugly matter. When the husband returns, he found that he is having the same problems with his wife.

Since this is a taboo concept, it is gutted in the reality of many people. Especially the villagers are very frowning upon of concept of chastity before the marriage. Sadly, women have to lie and do a set of extra things to keep their marriage work and make their partner happy.

Even if you are not into stories that much, this 15-minute short video has many other things to lure you. The melodious and funny song, in the beginning, two raunchy scenes of Aayesha Kapoor, and visually stunning spectacles.

Little you know that Aayesha Kapoor also had a little interview session to promote her web series Seal 2. Check the video.

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