You are currently viewing Palang Tod Blackmail Cast Simran Khan And Kanchan Awasthi

Palang Tod Blackmail Cast Simran Khan And Kanchan Awasthi

Palang Tod Blackmail Cast Simran Khan And Kanchan Awasthi

There have been lots of speculations about the Palang Tod Blackmail cast. Finally, it has been revealed that Ullu Original successfully brought two popular faces of the local OTT and agreed on them to have a scene together.

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Cast includes Kanchan Awasthi and Simran Khan in the lead role. The short trailer also hinted at the romantic relationship shared between Simran Khan and Kanchan Awasthi. Little you know that we have seen countless episodes of the Palang Tod web series now.

Surprisingly, Simran Khan is having her second role in the series. This way, she became the third actress to feature in two or more Palang Tod episodes. First, it was Rekha Mona Sarkar who featured in 3 Palang Tod episodes portraying all different characters. Second, it was Rajsi Verma who also portrayed different characters in 2 Palang Tod episodes.

Having Simran Khan in the Palang Tod episode is also a reference to the item number she did in Sunny Deol starrer ‘Singh Saab The Great.’ Ironically, the song track was titled ‘Palang Tod Paan.’

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Simran Khan And Kanchan Awasthi Chemistry in Palang Tod Blackmail

No matter how many web series you have seen with girl-on-girl action, it is going to be different. The first thing to consider is the actresses with their body type as Simran and Kanchan both look mature in front of the camera.

The second thing is the story as makers are not pitching their intimate scenes as normal love stories. Even in the web series, Kanchan Awasthi is playing the mother and Simran Khan is portraying the character of the mother’s childhood friend.

We strongly agree that such stories need to come. However, I beg to differ that the way these stories are presented is quite different. In a different reality, all these films can be cult art films if Ullu Originals doesn’t dramatize the situations.

Palang Tod Blackmail web series is releasing on 8th October 2021.

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