You are currently viewing ‘What If…?’ Episode 9 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

‘What If…?’ Episode 9 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

‘What If…?’ Episode 9 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Marvel ‘What If…? Episode 9’ leaked on Tamilrockers just minutes after it was dropped on Disney+ hotstar.

Despite some of the What If…? episodes are really boring, it managed to get good reviews for the overall story design. Also, as fans were expecting this to be a sort of anthology series, it is certainly not. What If…? episode 9 will tie the events of all What If episodes.

Episode 9 was the second last instalment in Marvel’s ‘What If…?’. Initially, it was planned that the series will comprise a total of 10 episodes, but due to pandemic caused delays, the initial plan changed. Now, the makers have pushed the tenth episode to be featured in the next season and made the penultimate episode of the first season its last one.

The series is wildly different from all the previous Marvel shows released on Disney+ hotstar. It is an animated series that explores various alternate possibilities from the main storyline in an endless multiverse.


What If…? Series Is Not An Anthology, Episode 9 Connects All Dots

The series was originally marketed as an anthology series, containing seemingly unrelated episodes. But as the series nears the end, it seems to have become a fare more unified than its makers would have us believe.

Many of the seemingly unrelated events that took place in different parts of the multiverse in the show now seem to have a much deeper connection. The final episode will showcase a much-hyped showdown between Ultron and the Watcher. The finale of the series will have a big impact on the storyline of future Marvel films and series.

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