You are currently viewing Bubblepur Part 5 Kooku Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Bubblepur Part 5 Kooku Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Bubblepur Part 5 Kooku Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Kooku Web Series Bubblepur is about to release its 5 and last episode. And this is something funny, sensational, and educational as well. Bubblepur Web Series is getting a good response from fans for its unique storytelling.

The story revolves around a village and the daily activities of people living in the village. They carry a totally different lifestyle and you can see that as the parallel story revolves around people living in the city. Now they collided as a group of friends somehow entered the village.

The village Pradhan got HIV and he heard from someone that Condoms can prevent it. He ordered the villagers to purchase Condoms and use them. Well, the illiterate villagers are shown in a satirical way as they wear Condoms as their necklace and other ornaments.

Bubblepur Kooku Web Series Watch Online For Pooja Joshi (2)

Bubblepur Web Series Cast Pooja Joshi & Asrani

Considered as a premium Kooku Web Series, the stellar cast is one of the major attractions of the Bubblepur. All the episodes are only 10-15 minutes long, but carry forward the story avoiding the alluring aspects that Kooku Series are famous for.

If you are looking for interesting storylines, the Bubblepur web series is something you can watch. In the meantime, Bubblepur Part 5 is the season finale and it will release on 12th October 2021. After the Bubblepur series, it would be interesting to see what is the next offering from Kooku App.

Kooku App is one solid competitor of Ullu App. Since Ullu is exceeding in quantity, it is only the quality and unique stories that may help Kooku App to regain its market share.

However, the Bubblepur web series managed to bring the nuance of satirical comedy and a tight punch on society. Bubble web series all episodes are available to watch online on Kooku App.

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