RGV Dangerous Trailer 2: Apsara Rani And Naina Ganguly Love Scenes

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RGV Dangerous Trailer 2: Apsara Rani And Naina Ganguly Love Scenes

RGV’s Dangerous is one of the most awaited movies since RGV dropped the news. We have seen hundreds of movies, web series, and short films on LGBT romance in between. At this moment, Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly starrer Dangerous is just another movie with an LGBT theme.

However, RGV manages to build the hype around the release of the movie. With a series of alluring posters via social media handles, followed by songs and trailers, it looks like RGV has a lot of expectations from the movie.

And for God’s sake, someone makes me understand about RGV coins too. Fans have only one thing to say to this maverick director ‘suck up and just release the Dangerous movie.’ In the midst of all this, RGV released the second teaser of Dangerous movie which is breathtakingly awesome.


Apsara Rani And Naina Ganguly Chemistry

Whether it is the direction of RGV or the sizzling chemistry of Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly, the movie is still worth all the wait. Even though, everyone is pretty confident that the story doesn’t hold any ground still they are willing to see the performances of both the actresses as a couple.

Dangerous trailer 2 focuses on the explicit love scenes between Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani. Most of the scenes in the 3-minute trailer showed both the girls hugging and kissing each other in various locations.

A year ago, it might be considered as a breath of fresh air and cult in many ways. However, LGBT romance is normalized in India too, there are hundreds of movies and shows that depicted such acts normally. At this time, every delay is causing the sensation Dangerous movie once had.

I expect that the director will understand it too and release it sooner.

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