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Ana De Armas’ ‘Blonde’ On Netflix Will Be NC-17 Rated

Ana De Armas’ ‘Blonde’ On Netflix Will Be NC-17 Rated

The much-talked Marilyn Monroe biopic on Netflix titled ‘Blonde’ is going to be NC-17 rated. For the people who don’t know what the NC-17 version means, they should know that it was used to call X rated in the 90s. Clearly, we will see Ana De Armas in full glory as she portrays the character of Marilyn Monroe.

The promotional material and set photos from the Netflix ‘Blonde’ have already hyped the movie. It seems as Ana De Armas will justice the character of Monroe and the film showcase the tragic life of the well-known face of Hollywood.

It is cleared that Netflix will stream the NC-17 version of ‘Blonde’ on the streaming platform. Little you know that NC-17 is the highest rating in the US film certification system which means strictly for adults.

Ana De Armas never sigh away showing skins when scripts demand. Since Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest female icons of the 20th century, it wouldn’t be good if the actress failed to match her temperament and confidence in front of the camera.


Everything We Know About Ana De Armas ‘Blonde’ Yet

Fans are expecting this NC-17 version of ‘Blonde’ to be steamy as hell and borderline skinemax. Netflix has a history to always support freedom of expression. As Netflix green-lit the NC-17 cut of the film, we got to see more and more of Ana De Armas.

The film ‘Blonde’ will show each and every detail of Marilyn Monroe’s personal and professional life. From the steamy makeout scenes to her struggle in Hollywood to her much-publicized and controversial relationships, the movie will show everything.

Netflix ‘Blonde’ is written and directed by Andrew Dominik who adapts the 2000 Novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. Plan B Entertainment is producing the film. Apart from Ana De Armas, the movie Blonde cast Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson, and Bobby Cannavale in key roles.

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