You are currently viewing Squid Game Is Now Officially Netflix Biggest Series With 111M Views

Squid Game Is Now Officially Netflix Biggest Series With 111M Views

Squid Game Is Now Officially Netflix Biggest Series With 111M Views

Netflix has announced that the South Korean drama series ‘Squid Game’ become their biggest series with 111M views. The show Squid Game gained popularity within weeks as it has all the elements that a web series may need. The thrill and fashion of the Squid Game web series are unmissable.

Squid Game Web Series is available to watch online on Netflix from 17th September 2021. From web series fans to critics, everyone has only good words to say about the show. The show surprised everyone after crossing 100 million views within 28 days on Netflix.

The word-of-mouth promotion has helped the series to gain a supernatural fan base. For instance, Squid Game is one of the buzziest Netflix shows even in India.


Netflix View Count Strategy For The Shows

Since 111M is a big number, we might take interest to check the view count scenario of OTT platforms like Netflix. Here you will find that even a person watches the show for more than 2 minutes, he/she would be counted as a viewer.

This way, people who haven’t watched even a single episode of the Squid Game is also a viewer. In addition to this, no other third party can check these calculations that come from Netflix. However, the popularity of Squid Game is pervasive. We can’t deny that the show is well executed and it should be considered as one of the best non-English language shows.

Squid Game got an impressive 8.2 rating on IMDb and has an equally impressive 91% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. As many people know about the game and its hidden details, here’s a take a brief if you are still the one who hadn’t watched it.

Squid Game follows the story of 456 people who are in desperate need of many and ready to do anything. The game offers exactly the same as it offers a huge amount of money but your life is at stake. Now, all 6 games are children’s games but the elimination has a literal meaning.


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