Sanak Ek Junoon Watch Online All Episodes On MX Player

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Sanak Ek Junoon Watch Online All Episodes On MX Player

Krishna Bhatt is too much inspired by western films and wanted to fit all those stories into the Indian context. Sanak Ek Junoon on MX Player shows the same efforts of the director to come up with an interesting story but failed miserably.

On a very personal level, I want to see such stories from Indian filmmakers. However, Krishna Bhatt’s attempt with Sanak Ek Junoon is lackluster. The screenwriting is way too dull and let’s not talks about the performances of actors at all. It seems that they know about the material and its poor execution from the very beginning.

Sanak Ek Junoon is the cheapest copy of various Hollywood movies centered on Swinging and mate swapping. You can expect these actors to be bold in front of the camera. Well, it looks like they didn’t even try to look bold and match the theme of the web series.


3 Main Characters In The Sanak Ek Junoon Cast

Rohit Bose Roy

Aindrita Ray

Pawan Chopra

Sanak Ek Junoon Review: The Show Might Finds Its Audience After Couple Of Years

Somehow the whole story centered around three lead characters and filmmakers didn’t even try to explore the overall theme of the show. The rush to end the episode seems so appalling that they didn’t give any chance to other actors to enjoy moments during runtime.

Krishna Bhatt might have the vision to bring such a taboo concept in Indian filmmaking but she lacks the filmmaking language. The show contradicts the culture and everything people say sounds fake.

We hope to see some good content on mate swapping and swingers in near future from Bollywood. In the meantime, Sanak Ek Junoon is everything we got. You can enjoy the show as it is available to watch online on MX Player.

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