Palang Tod “Anniversary Gift” Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

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Palang Tod “Anniversary Gift” Cast, Release Date, Watch Online On Ullu App

After two raunchy episodes of the Charmsukh Series, Palang Tod brought another sensational and buzzing Palang Tod new episode. Anniversary Gift is the new title of the Palang Tod anthology series and it looks amazing with a new set of stars.

Little you know that they have already released a short web series with the same name before. ‘The anniversary Gift’ is one of Ullu’s old titles as well. It looks like Ullu Web Series is trying to give each of their titles a new meaning.

The short teaser of the Palang Tod latest has been released on the internet and fans gave a positive response to it. The teaser promised an entertaining and thrilling show with tons of steamy scenes back and forth.

Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Cast

Ullu Originals are not very vocal about their cast until they release the web series. We have no update regarding the Palang Tod upcoming episode cast yet. However, Ullu Original rarely works with new actors, so we’ll try to find the name for sure.


Anniversary Gift Palang Tod All Episodes Release Date Is 22nd October

Ishika is a married woman and wanted to surprise her husband with an anniversary gift. She entered Ayush’s gym and was involved in a romantic affair with him. We get to see some of the interesting romantic sessions between the gym instructor and client.

Later, we see Ayush saying no to Ishika and she started blackmailing him. In the meantime, don’t forget Ishika’s husband and her Anniversary Gift to her husband. It looks like there will be another moment between the two men.

The episode Ullu Web Series ‘Anniversary Gift’ is worth a wait and it’s just a couple of days till we get to see all the episodes exclusive on Ullu App.

Stay tuned to know the actress’s name and all the latest information about Ullu App movies and web series.

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