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Sharanya Jeet Kaur Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Sharanya Jeet Kaur Web series and movies watch Online

Sharanya Jeet Kaur is a model turned actress. She shot to fame after featuring in dozens of videos created for Hotshots Original. For instance, she has built up big filmography as she featured in various web series playing all types of roles.

Here we jot down some of the most famous movies, short films, and web series of Sharanya Jeet Kaur. Her fans would visit and see the admirable work Sharanya put forth creating such a vast fan base.

1. The Deal – Hotshots Original

One of the most memorable performances from Sharanya Jeet Kaur comes in the short film titled ‘The Deal.’ In the short film, she featured along with Priyanka Upmanyu and has many raunchy scenes.


2. Seal – Primeshots Original

In one of Primeshot’s early videos, Sharanya Jeet Kaur was featured as a housewife. The short film titled ‘Seal’ became an instant hit on Primeshots. Later, they released Seal 2 with Aayesha Kapoor.

3. Move On – Hotshots Original

Sharanya Jit Kaur played a friend in need for Rekha Mona Sarkar in this amazing short movie titled ‘Move On.’ You should definitely watch it on Hotshots Original.

4. Love Letter – Kooku App

Sharanya Jeet Kaur has collaborated with the Kooku app as well. In the web series Love Letter, she played an important role.

5. Mohini Bhabhi – The Cinema Dosti 

The Bhabhi content is wildly famous in India, and almost all the actresses in the local OTT industry have got the Bhabhi title. Sharanya Jeet Kaur also played the Mohini Bhabhi in ‘The Cinema Dosti’ series.

6. Mysterious Lust – Hotshots Original 

As the name suggests, it is about a couple and their mysterious lust for each other. Well, there’s a surprising twist at the end for the viewers.

7. Paying Guest – Hotshots Original

The story of a Paying Guest is about a boy who falls for the landlord’s daughter. The Paying Guest short film starts with Sharanya Jeet Kaur’s self-choreographed strip dance sequence.

8. Love Duo – Hotshots Original

Love Duo was another sensational Hotshots Short film featuring Sharanya Jeet Kaur. It was the high time of Sharanya Jeet Kaur’s career as she bagged many projects for various OTT platforms.

9. Online Ishq – Hotshots Original

Hotshots brought the twisted story of an urban couple and their struggle to keep it together. Online Ishq Ishq counted as one of the first few screen appearances of Sharanya Jeet Kaur where she was noticed.


10. Fraud Ishq – Hotshots Original

Hardly you believed but most of the Local OTT platforms are forced to release their short films with such bizarre titles. Fraud Ishq featuring Sharanya is one of them.

11. Made for Each Other – Hotshots Original

Just like Bhabhi, Maids are also a very popular sub genre in Indian skinemax. Sharanya played a meaty part in this Gehana Vasisth starrer short film for Hotshots Original.

12. Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 – Ullu Web Series

Kavita Bhabhi is probably one of the most iconic characters from the Ullu Web Series. In the 3rd and last season of Kavita Bhabhi, Sharanya Jeet Kaur has a very steamy lip-lock scene with Kavita Radheshyam.

13. Family Strokes 2 – Primeshots Original

Sharanya Jeet Kaur featured in another Primeshots Original web series Family Strokes 2. The film was awkwardly hilarious and had many surprise elements.

14. Charmsukh kamar Ki Naap – Ullu Web Series 

Sharanya Jeet Kaur has steamy girl-on-girl action with Aayushi Jaiswal in the Ullu Web Series Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap. Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap is one of the longest Charmsukh episodes.


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