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Anupama Prakash Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Anupama Prakash Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Anupama Prakash is going to be a prominent name in the Local OTT industry. She has been featured in some of the much-loved web series for various OTT platforms. For the record, she has been sensational in all of them. Here, take a look at some of the most praiseworthy performances of Anupama Prakash in various web series.

1. Lovely Massage Parlor – Ullu Web Series

Many people have noticed Anupama Prakash in Lovely Massage Parlor where she played the protagonist. Even though Nidhi Mahavan and Simran Khan have many steamy scenes to do, the story narrated the life events of Anupama Prakash’s character.


2. Riti Riwaz ‘Tijarat’ – Ullu Web Series

It was the Riti Riwaz episode titled ‘Tijarat’ in which we first noticed Anupama Prakash in her full glory. Anupama Prakash made a swift way from her Riti Riwaz episode to be one of the topmost Local OTT actresses in the industry.


3. Woodpecker – Ullu Web Series

Woodpecker has many famous names as lead actresses. The web series is about air hostesses and their glamorous lives with clients and their love affairs. Despite Ira Soni got the lead character, actresses like Nehal Vadoliya and Anupama Prakash gave stunning performances.


4. Farzi Kaka – Primeshots Original

Primeshots Original brought the story of a wannabe actress girl who would do anything to get fame. A video with popular rapper Kaka is everything she needs. Anupama Prakash’s cute looks and stunning acting performance have elevated the show.


5. Prabha Ki Diary 2 – Ullu Web Series

One of the most talked-about shows of Ullu Web Series is Prabha Ki Diary. Four different actresses have portrayed the character of Prabha in the Prabha Ki Diary series. Anupama Prakash also played the character of Prabha in Prabha Ki Diary season 2.


6. Mohini – Rabbit Movies

Anupama Prakash has collaborated with various OTT platforms over time. One of the most successful web series she gave was titled ‘Mohini.’ She gave a stellar performance and clearly elevated the weak script into the high note. Anupama Prakash deserves more work in OTT platforms.


7. Raat Baki Baat Baaki – Gold

A miniseries for the local OTT platform features Anupama Prakash in the lead role. The web series ‘Raat Baki Baat Baaki’ has many raunchy scenes and twisted climaxes as well. If you are an Anupama Prakash fan, you should watch it.


8. Affair Game – Cineprime

Anupama Prakash was also featured in the web series titled ‘Affair Game.’ It has many interesting plot points and well-choreographed titillation. The series has many other things to enhance your overall viewing experience.


9. Parlok – Cineprime

Parlok web series starring Anupama Prakash is one of the loveliest series ever. The short film has many steamy scenes plus it has interesting plotlines as well. The web episode titled Parlok Boba is refreshing horror tale about an Indian origin ghost and its quest for victims.

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