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Bubblepur Kooku Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Bubblepur Kooku Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Kooku overhyped premium content has released its 6th and final episode on 18th October 2021. The web series tries to bring something new to the audience. There is no doubt about the makers’ motivation behind such a project. However, it is the baseless acting and marketing strategy that pissed almost everyone off.

Kooku Web Series took a long break when Raj Kundra cases were opened and police were looking for the next best thing. They slowly recovered with a couple of web series that wasn’t appreciated much. Instead of bringing twisted stories and well-choreographed steamy scenes, Ullu Web Series decided to create another premium content with big celebrities.

They had the big concept to materialize but it was not the right time for this content. Plus, the execution was not matching the level at all. Seasoned actors like Asrani, and Puja Joshi put forth brilliant performances and elevated the show with its poor writing.

It is the concept that made the audience interested in Bubblepur in the first place. All the episodes of Bubblepur have been released now. We expect that they might bring another sensational tale next week.

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Kooku Web Series And Their Obsession With Premium Content

They dissapoint their viewers with such premium content from Kooku Originals. Viewers must know Kooku originals brought premium content before. Kooku Web Series has tried twice or thrice before too to bring unique content with big stars.

However, the good strategy for Kooku web Series would be to keep coming up with erratic content. Little you know that the Kooku web series have wasted the whole month feeding us the Bubblepur web series which has nothing if we compare it even to ALT Balaji.

However, there is a good story there and for people who love to watch interesting and quirky storylines, they should watch online all episodes of Bubblepur on the Kooku App.

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