Hotspot Videshi Ishq All Episodes Watch Online For Shikha Batra

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Hotspot Videshi Ishq All Episodes Watch Online For Shikha Batra

Ullu Originals has brought a series of Hotspot Web Originals that features all the stories related to cybercrimes. It is a new and exciting thing as Ullu Web Series lately indulges in creating tons of Palang Tod and Charmsukh episodes.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq feels like a breath of fresh air and the show is making quite a stir among the audience. All the Ullu fans know that they won’t get anything exciting from the Videshi Ishq episode of Hotspot. In many ways, Hotspot Videshi Ishq will follow the same route as Hotspot Charr Charr.

The story follows the plight of cybercrime where innocent people get conned by foreign girls who manipulate them and later ask for money.

The concept of the Hotspot series is to shed light on cybercrime in unique and sensational ways. Remember the Charr Charr episode where a couple wanted to get rid of their old bed in second-hand goods selling shop. They got a deal that was too good to be true.

They end up spending more money on someone unknown. Similarly, Videshi Ishq revolves around innocent people who are looking for friendship on the social network.


Ullu Web Series Hotspot Videshi Ishq Cast

Ashwin Kaushal,

Shikha Batra (Sharad’s Wife),

Nishant Kumar,

Neetu Maurya,

Nataliea Khachatryan as Cristie

Ruby Ahmad,

Videshi Ishq Ullu Web Series Cast Shikha Batra, Ruby Ahmad, And Nataliea Khachatryan

Rarely Ullu Original failed to surprise the audience with their unique content. For instance, the Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap episode and the whole Games Of Karma series brought a total surprise as content delivered something unexpected.


Ullu Web Series might try to redeem the Hotspot series with a sensational second episode titled ‘Videshi Ishq.’ However, fans are more excited to see Palang Tod’s‘ Anniversary Gift’ episode.

For instance, fans are forecasting what they might see or expect to see in the upcoming Palang Tod episode decoding the half-baked trailer.

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