Pratiksha Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Chestha Bhagat

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Pratiksha Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Chestha Bhagat

Ullu Web Series has announced another thought-provoking and gritty web series. The upcoming Ullu Web Series is titled ‘Pratiksha’ shows the horror of the entertainment industry. The story seems to be a caricaturist version of ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.’

However, Ullu managed to pull some of the big names of the TV industry to be part of the show. Pratiksha Ullu web series will be considered Ullu Gold, it is a different type of content that Ullu constantly made on their platform. For instance, it can be said that Pratiksha Web Series is Ullu’s Premium content.

Pratiksha Ullu Web Series Cast

Chestha Bhagat as Pratiksha

Aarya Babbar,


Thea D’Souza

Pratiksha Web Series Synopsis

The story revolves around a humble TV star who has witnessed a downfall after stardom. The TV star is named Pratiksha Singh and she also has a controversial love affair with handsome hunk Chirag. She was in a relationship with Chirag before she passed away by hanging herself. Her sudden demise took the industry by storm as there were tons of speculations.

Here comes a US-based journalist Abhay, who tries to find the truth behind her demise and other hidden secrets related to her relationship with her father and her cynical boyfriend Amrendra.

The web series has big names such as Cheshta Bhagat and Thea D’Souza. Both the actress has a huge fan following, and Pratiksha web series will be an interesting watch on Ullu App.



Pratiksha Ullu Web Series Release Date

The web series is scheduled to release on 26th October 2021. Before that, they have revealed the latest Palang Tod episode titled ‘Anniversary Gift.’ Ullu Web Series is shifting its content base from skinemax to engaging mystery and thriller. Ullu App has already announced a web series titled Shabana with Prince Narula and Yuvika Choudhary.

Pratiksha | Ullu Originals | Official Trailer

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