Thea D’Suuza Web Series And Movies Watch Online

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Thea D’Suuza Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Thea D’Suuza is a model turned actress. She shot to fame after getting a prominent role in the ALT Balaji’s Ragini MMS return. The actress did a fair share of struggle to get the spotlight of the industry. She became recognizable when she featured in the famous Ullu Web Series anthology.

Thea D’Suuza gets the meaty part in the Charmsukh episode titled ’69.’ However, the latest web series Pratiksha also has Thea D’Suuza playing an important character. Here take a look at these gorgeous performances by the actress Thea D’Suuza.

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1. Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 – ALT Balaji

ALT Balaji’s Ragini MMS Returns is one of the boldest Indian web-series yet. The credit goes to all the leading ladies who hadn’t sighed away performing those well-choreographed intimate scenes. While Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan’s scene was the highlight of the series, Thea D’Suuza’s scenes were awesome too.

thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10)

2. Charmsukh Flat 69 – Ullu Web Series

Ullu Web Series Charmsukh brought another fantasy-filled hilarious episode featuring Thea D’Suuza in the lead role. Sadly, despite Thea’s captivating performance, the show’s weak script led it to failure.

Since then fans were waiting to see her with some good projects where she may get the chance to prove her worth. The episode talks about intoxicity of the glamorized lifestyle in urban areas.

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3. XXX Season 2 – ALT Balaji

Thea D’Suuza engaged in an awesome trouple romance along with Pratik Sehajpal. The anthology web series from ALT Balaji is famous for its intimacy in its raunchiest. Thea D’Suuza looks awesome in the web series.

thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10)

4. Pratiksha Ullu Web Series

Pratiksha is the upcoming Ullu Web Series featuring Chestha Bhagat and Thea D’Suuza in the lead role. Since the concept of the series is hard-hitting and there are very popular names from the TV industry are attached to it, it might become a success.

Thea may get some good and meaty roles in the web series and movies. In the meantime, we should wait for the release of the Pratiksha Ullu Web Series. Pratiksha Ullu series will be available to watch online from 26th October 2021.

thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10)

Thea D’Suuza Stunning Hot Photos

thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10) thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10) thea-dsuuza-web-series-and-movies-watch-online-thea-dsuuza-hot-pics (10)

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