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Mokshita Raghav Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Mokshita Raghav Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Mokshita Raghav swiftly transitioned from being a lovely TikTok star to the heartthrob of the local OTT platform. Little you know Mokshita has a huge fan following on her social media handles. She was also approached to become the face of the PMA brand and Rubaru face of Beauty International.

Initially, she started sharing comedy video clips, dancing clips, and later she started posting her modeling work in fashionable outfits. Within no time, all the local OTT platforms approached her to be part of their movies and web series. Here, we jot down some of Mokshita Raghav’s popular work in the Indian web series.

1. Junoon – Short Video

She made her appearance in the short video titled ‘Junoon.’ The video went viral and Mokshita became a huge hit. Later, she picked her projects carefully with all the popular OTT platforms currently working in India. By the way, you should definitely check out Junoon on YouTube.


2. Kamya Sutra – Primeflix

Mokshita Raghav did a phenomenal job in the Primeflix Original series Kamya Sutra. She played the character of Kamya and had many intimate scenes with her co-actors and co-actresses. It is supposedly Mokshita’s finest work in the Indian web-series yet.


3. Atithi In House – Kooku Web Series

Kooku App went on to make 5 part series from the Atithi in House starring Mokshita Raghav in a prominent role. You can understand the success of the show and how cheeky Mokshita looks in each frame of the Atithi In House.


4. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 4 – Ullu Web Series

Mokshita Raghav also got the offer to work with Ullu Originals in one of their much-loved series. She played the character of Raina in the Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 4. The concept of the show is very similar to Red Shoe Diaries as Prabha narrated all these stories.


5. Masala Family – Watcho Originals

The Watcho Originals Masala Family is an appropriate dose of laughter and titillation. Mokshita Raghav looks stunning and outshone all her co-stars in the Masala Family web series. Watch all these beautiful and sensational web series featuring Mokshita Raghav.


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