One Mic Stand All Episodes Watch Online On Amazon Prime Video

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One Mic Stand All Episodes Watch Online On Amazon Prime Video

Sapan Varma brought another hilarious season of One Mic Stand with popular celebrities. The show is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and getting everyone’s attention. It starts with the stand-up version of Sunny Leone Life story and ends up with Karan Johar roasting himself.

All these celebrities’ actors brought out their unfiltered and raw version in front of a live audience. And as a fan, it feels so good to see something like this.

A quick recap would be the list of celebrities and their comic guru who trained them for such an event. Neeti Palta helped Sunny Leone to make a comic stand up of how she felt about people’s opinions and how she wants her happy ending.

Similarly, Abhish Mathew’s sore humor can be seen blurting out of Chetan Bhagat’s mouth. Atul Khatri brought the best from TV journalist Faye D’Souza, and Samay Raina and Sumukhi Suresh did a commendable job with Raftar and Karan Johar respectively.


Sunny Leone’s Performance In One Mic Stand

The five episodic series start with Sunny Leone’s attempt to prepare a standup act. Her heavy sarcasm on Bollywood and how the industry uses women to sell their movies was quite entertaining to watch. Even the repeated jokes such as “you know who screw you,” seem pretty appropriate.

The jokes travel everywhere from Bollywood to Politics. Besides, Karan Johar and Chetan Bhagat were fabulous too. Most of the jokes were made on working of Bollywood industry and we can understand as people are related to the industry.

Sapan Varma is a fabulous host and One Mic Stand is a perfect show. It is basically for the die-hard fans who love to watch their favorite celebrities doing something different. The One Mic Stand Season 2 is streaming and available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video.

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