Palang Tod Anniversary Gift All Episodes Free Download

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Palang Tod Anniversary Gift All Episodes Free Download

Ullu app released the Palang Tod latest episode Anniversary Gift and it is full of surprises. First and foremost, the lead actress ‘Revathi Acharyaa’ has previously done some of the groundbreaking and most viral short films.

For instance, Revathi Acharyya and Preeti Rana in the Hotshots Original’s ‘A Night In Mumbai’ is one of the most-watched short films on local OTT.

Moving on, Palang Tod Anniversary Gift is surprising with its content. It has two lovely intimate scenes of Revathi Acharyaa and a montage shot of Ayush working as a call boy with three other girls played by Vanita Uppal, Ritu Pandey, and Karishma Maurya.

The story’s focus is to narrate to you the incident of a romantic affair between Ishika (played by Revathi Acharyya) and Ayush (played by Shuman Das). Further, it fuses into mystery as Ishika started blackmailing Ayush to work as a call boy.


Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Cast

Revathi Acharyya,

Shuman Das,

Vinit Kumar,

Vanita Uppal,

Ritu Pandey,

Karishma Maurya

Revathi Acharyya Is The Major Attraction In Palang Tod Anniversary Gift

How many times do you expect the Palang Tod series to be good with their stories? However, we demand to see some most engaging and well-choreographed intimate scenes between/among actors. The Palang Tod latest episode delivers this easily.

Casting Revathi Acharyya in the lead role is a great decision by the team for such a web series. Furthermore, they have put a little Easter egg too if you notice. Revathi Acharyya’s undergarments were the same as she wore two years ago for the Hotshots Series ‘A Night In Mumbai.’

While fans are now devoted to Ullu Originals for their upcoming web series list. We have a mystery thriller ‘Pratiksha’ with some of the big names of the Indian TV industry. And in a couple of days, we are getting a new trailer for Charmsukh or Palang Tod episode as well.

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