You are currently viewing Khatra Song Sparks Chemistry between RGV’s Dangerous Girls

Khatra Song Sparks Chemistry between RGV’s Dangerous Girls

Khatra Song Sparks Chemistry between RGV’s Dangerous Girls

As fans were complaining about the constant tease from RGV related to Dangerous Movie, they proved that tease can be good. They just dropped the new song from RGV’s Dangerous and it is way too good. Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly will definitely receive recognition for playing their part brilliantly.

The Dangerous movie release date is still not disclosed. You can consider the Khatra song as a solid tease for the movie. At this point, we are not sure about the RGV’s plan with his self-proclaimed masterpiece even before the release.

Without any doubt, you should watch Khatra’s song now on RGV’s official YouTube channel. However, we can’t deny the fact that we have seen tons of same-gender love stories in movies and web series in recent years, are we really looking forward to RGV’s Dangerous now.


Apsara Rani And Naina Ganguly Chemistry In RGV’s Khatra

The whole movie has created quite a stir among the audience about the release date and stories. While the trailer isn’t promising enough, the actresses baring romance is sensational. Most of the people are looking forward to the well-choreographed love scenes between Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani.

Apsara Rani is a breakthrough star founded by RGV and launched in one of his short films. Naina Ganguly hailed from Kolkata, Bengal, and put forth many commendable performances. Naina managed to have stunning filmography.

And worst of all, RGV coins are now running in the market which can be used to trade Dangerous VOD services. Well, no matter what the reasons are, RGV is maverick and one reason is not enough to justify that. He might be able to sell Dangerous Movie even now.

But, every delay is costing him fans with losing interest. RGV should reconsider his plans and release the Dangerous Movie for all the fans.

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