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Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Actresses Name

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Actresses Name, Revathi Acharya To Paromita Dey

In a total of 16 episodes and counting, the Palang Tod series cast 23 actresses. We have compiled the whole list of actresses in the Palang Tod series. Take a look at the whole list and comment down which one is your personal favorite and wanted to see more of them.

1. Shivangi Roy – Palang Tod: Mom & Daughter

Shivangi Roy played the caring and supportive daughter in the Mom & Daughter episode. She has done some of the most passionate romantic sessions with both of her co-stars.

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2. Shikha Batra – Palang Tod: Mom & Daughter

Shikha Batra Played the modern mother in the Palang Tod Mom & Daughter episode. Her scenes and the concept elevated the show and gave the eye candy start.


3. Rajsi Verma – Palang Tod: Double Dhamaka, Saas Bahu & NRI

Rajsi Verma is one of the most popular OTT stars and her collaboration with Ullu Originals brought the best of both worlds. Doube Dhamaka as well as Saas Bahu & NRI, both the show was received well by the audience.


4. Ruks Khandagale – Palang Tod: Double Dhamaka

Ruks Khandagale featured in the Palang Tod Double Dhamaka episode sharing screen space with Rajsi Verma. She had many intense scenes with both her co-actors.


5. Simran Khan – Palang Tod: Caretaker, Blackmail

Simran Khan is another popular OTT actress and this is the reason Ullu Originals repeated her in their Palang Tod web series. She was fabulous baring everything in Caretaker as well as Blackmail.


6. Rekha Mona Sarkar – Palang Tod: Caretaker, Shor, Naye Padosi

Rekha Mona Sarkar became a sensation because of the series of hits short films and web series. She worked with many local OTT platforms. However, some of her best came from Ullu Web Series Palang Tod series. She featured in 3 Palang Tod episodes.


7. Muskan Agrawal – Palang Tod: Bekaboo Dil

Muskan Agrawal might get fame and attention with Rupaya 500 web series. However, she gave one hell of a performance in the Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil.


8. Mishti Basu – Palang Tod: Aadha Adhura Pyaar, Friend Request

Misthi Basu made the Riti Riwaz web series one of the most popular among all Ullu series. She did this with the Charmsukh series as well. While Palang Tod Friend Request was a bit of a tad, Aadha Adhura Pyaar topped the chart.


9. Akanksha Hans – Palang Tod: Friend Request

Akanksha Hans co-star with Mishti Basu in the Palang Tod Friend Request. The Actress failed to even show her presence in the web series.


10. Pamela Mondal – Palang Tod: Kirayedaar

Pamela Mondal received a lot of recognition for her successful Prabha Ki Diary series. However, the weak script and redundant scenes lead to a disastrous Palang Tod episode titled Kirayedaar.


11. Hina Khan – Palang Tod: Kirayedaar

For the record, we are not talking about TV actress Hina Khan, and you haven’t heard about another Hina Khan. So, the episode is worst among all as people might not remember it.


12. Mahi Kaur – Palang Tod: Gaon Ki Garmi

For the people who always get confused about two Mahis, Mahi Kaur and Mahi Kamla are two different actresses. Mahi Kaur featured in Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi episode, while Mahi Kamla featured with Mishti Basu in the Riti Riwaz Pinjara episode.


13. Yukta Purvi – Palang Tod: Sazaa Ya Mazaa

Yukta Purvi was featured in the Palang Tod Sazaa Ya Mazaa episode. You clearly don’t recognize her by her name as an actress who failed to make an impact with a decent story.


14. Palak Singh – Palang Tod: Sazaa Ya Mazaa

Palak Singh is another actress who shared the screen with Yukta Purvi in the Sazaa Ya Mazaa episode. The episode became a major setback for the Palang Tod series.


15. Soni Jha – Palang Tod: Shor

Soni Jha was there for a brief moment, but she had some wonderful scenes with her co-star. However, Palang Tod Shor was all about Rekha Mona Sarkar’s web series.

16. Kanchan Awasthi – Palang Tod: Blackmail

Kanchan Awasthi gave a sensational performance in the Palang Tod Blackmail episode. She had major scenes with Simran Khan, and they both shared oozing chemistry.


17. Hiral Radadiya – Palang Tod: Saali Aadhi Gharwali

Hiral Radadiya was cast in the Palang Tod Saali Aadhi Gharwali and played double role. She effortlessly charmed the audience with her captivating performances.


18. Pihu Singh – Palang Tod: Naye Padosi

Pihu Singh became everyone’s favorite after playing the character of Maid in Naye Padosi Web Series. Later, fans have asked several times to various OTT platforms to bring Pihu Singh back.


19. Revathi Acharya – Palang Tod: Anniversary Gift

Revathi Acharya made everyone her fan with sizzling and alluring performance in the Palang Tod Anniversary Gift. The actress is pretty famous for her intimate scenes with Preeti Rana in the short video titled ‘A Night In Mumbai.’


20. Paromita Dey – Palang Tod: Saas Bahu And NRI, Caretaker 2

Paromita Dey has been part of the industry for a while. However, she started getting hits after she was featured in the Palang Tod Saas Bahu And NRI episode with Rajsi Verma. Now, Ullu Originals brought her back in the Palang Tod Caretaker 2 web series.


21. Vanita Uppal – Palang Tod: Anniversary Gift

Barely credited as a montage girl 1, Vanita Uppal made a sensational remark with the Palang Tod Anniversary Gift web series.


22. Ritu Pandey – Palang Tod: Anniversary Gift

Ritu Pandey showed some skin with her performance in the Anniversary Gift episode. However, she was only there for a limited time and credited as montage girl 2.


23. Karishma Maurya – Palang Tod: Anniversary Gift

Karishma Maurya’s role can be considered as an extended cameo in the Anniversary Gift web series from Ullu originals. Sadly, she was also credited as Montage Girl number 3. The whole series belongs to Revathi Acharya.


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