You are currently viewing Girgit Review: ALT Balaji Thriller With Lots Of Twists And Turns

Girgit Review: ALT Balaji Thriller With Lots Of Twists And Turns

Girgit Review: ALT Balaji Thriller With Lots Of Twists And Turns

Girgit Web Series is a complete fun of 7 episodes that engaged the audience in the best way. If you are not watching the series, then the only reason is your phobia with the ALT Balaji image among OTT platforms. Here, take a look at the detailed EkSukoon Special review of the Girgit Web Series.

Girgit Web Series – Story & Screenplay

The web series can be classified as murder and suspense thriller, and it is quite appropriate. The story revolves around protagonist Ranbir Khaitan (Nakul Roshan Sahdev) a rich spoiled brat who is in pursuit of his father’s wealth. The setup is somewhat loose as his wife is dead and he will get the money after remarrying.

Here’s the catch as the girl is alive and she fake her death, framed her husband, and flew to Mumbai. Shamoli (Taniya Kalrra) is the changed name of the wife in the picture, now she is living with Mahi (Trupti Khamkar). And Girgit is an interesting tale where they cross each other paths.

The series is also amazing because of catchy dialogues, and one-to-one exchange. Girgit Web Series dialogues are written by Sumrit Shahi, and directed by Santosh Shetty.


ALT Balaji Girgit Web Series Cast & Performances

Surprisingly all the actors have done a phenomenal job and brought the best version of the character in the show. Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Ranbir is quite cliché and very redundant as we see all these movies with rich spoiled brat heroes.

Ashmita Jaggi, Samar Vermani, Trupti Khamkar are amazing with the written material and somewhat elevate the character with their performances. Taniya Kalrra has a meaty and edgy character with which she looked struggling with.


Girgit Web Series – Selling USP

From the show title to its execution, their selling USP is quite clear. Even though Girgit can be presented as an intense fast-paced thriller, makers decided to package it as an ALT Balaji typical web series. The show has LGBT representation with Trupti Khamkar and Taniya Kalrra character.

We can’t deny the fact that some sequences in the show are quite comical which they shouldn’t be. In the meta-level, they tried to show the concept of Girgit as all the character changes their color at the drop of a hat. The colors here are the myriad sins such as lust, passion, greed, deceit, and desire.


Girgit Review: Another Binge-worthy show from ALT Balaji & MX Player

What can be classified as binge-worthy depends on the show’s capacity to engage the audience. Undoubtedly, Girgit can be classified as the range of Money heist, Breaking Bad, and Sky Rojo. However, the only difference is storytelling and perspective.

The concept of Girgit is limited to a family and nothing big at stake at all. For instance, they used a totally different plot to end the show. At the same time, Money Heist is layered, has good storytelling. Breaking Bad is good as all the actions have consequences. Too many twists and turns threw away the sense of reality from the Girgit web series.

We do recommend you to watch and appreciate the creators showing the show. However, it is clearly lowering your standards and satisfying for less. They can come up with the right mix of humor, drama, and engaging plot with a stellar cast. We hope this would happen sooner.


Recommend to Watch – Yes. Appreciate the content.

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