Call My Agent Bollywood Review: A Fun Binge-Worthy From Netflix

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Call My Agent Bollywood Review: A Fun Binge-Worthy From Netflix

Netflix released the Call My Agent Bollywood show which is out an out adaptation of a French show with the same name. Call My Agent Bollywood has the primary cast with Rajat Kapoor, Soni Rajdan, Ahana Kumra, Ayush Kumar, Radhika Seth, Anuschka Sawhney, and Merenla Imsong.

The show is much like ‘The Office’ is filled with lots of easter eggs from Bollywood movies, and tons of cameos from star celebrities.

The 6 episodic Netflix series depicts actors and their agents’ lifestyles comically. The show tries to point out how they cope up with their daily life routine. Besides, Ahana Kumra and Anuschka Sawhney played the gay lover in the series to show some different kinds of relationships, just for a change.

Ticket To Hollywood

The first episode much like other shows introduced us to characters and their equations with each other.

However, the show primarily focuses on the struggle of women in the industry and how filmmakers demand them to look younger than their age.

The show also foreshadowed the way agents work in their offices. Filmmakers make sure to add all the tropes used for Bollywood actresses, and the star appearances made sure to bring up their best caricature version.

In Loving Memory

The second episode made the story forward by killing an important character. This sure made the dynamic shift in the office. All the agents now have to attend to the clients of their deceased boss. The appearances from Tishu (Tigmanshu Dhulia) brought some big laughter.

The episode also cleared the careless and free-bird personality of Amal (played by Ahana Kumra). On top of that, they came up with Illa Arun and Lallite Dubey’s chemistry and back story.

Casting Coup

For the people who don’t know what Casting Coup means, it is a term to denote an event where casting brought an unexpected surprise element. The episode hilariously points out how agents and directors wanted such things forgetting everything.

A mother and daughter having a sour relationship auditioned for the role of mother and daughter respectively. They did the table read together as well. However, they decided not to sign the film and walk out of the movie.

Tax Notice

The fourth episode of tax notice focuses on Rajat Kapoor’s character and how he made things work for his actors. Lara Dutta gave one praiseworthy performance by playing a caricature version of herself.

Also, it would be a crime to leave other praiseworthy performances from the shows that are not highlighted in any promotional material. Radhika Seth, Anuschka Sawhney, and Merenla Imsong shine throughout the show with the provided material.

Break Up And Makeup

Richa Chadda and Ali Fazal’s starrer episode talked about another problem when actors’ off-screen relationship creates havoc on the show. The episode further established the role of agents in the movies and how they convince their actors to keep performing everything that comes.

In The Dog House

The final episode left us to a big cliffhanger where Art Agent House is about to close. They did the last party; the show leads makeup and breaks up showing character dynamics.

Call My Agent Bollywood Review eksukoon 2

Surprising Element In Call My Agent Bollywood

To everyone’s surprise, Soni Rajdan’s character was just existing in the series with the bare minimum to say and do. There can be more from Soni Rajdan’s character as the show Call My Agent Bollywood is sold to us with the cast of Rajat Kapoor, Soni Rajdan, Ahana Kumra, and Ayush Mehra.

However, it is a feel-good show with some good punches and lots of excitement. We recommend you to watch Call My Agent Bollywood on Netflix.

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