Charmsukh “Live Streaming” Cast Muskan Agrawal In Lead Role

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Charmsukh “Live Streaming” Cast Muskan Agrawal In Lead Role

Ullu Originals never failed to astonish their loyal fan base with stunning stories series. While the Pratiksha web series is on hold, they released the short trailer of Charmsukh’s next episode titled ‘Live Streaming’.

Muskan Agrawal cast as the female lead in the Charmsukh ‘Live Streaming’ web series. Charmsukh web series showcased the story of people’s fantasies with their partners or strangers. It is one of the most sought anthology web series from the Ullu app.

The live Streaming story revolves around a husband with wild fantasies related to voyeurism. He tapped his intimate moments with his wife and watched it continuously over time. One day he caught his wife cheating on him and later asked her to cheat her again with all different strangers.


Charmsukh Live Streaming Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

With the upcoming Ullu Web Series list increasing day by day, Ullu App list another web series in the queue. For instance, you can check yourself as Pratiksha Part 3 and Palang Tod Caretaker 2 Part 2 is slated to release in upcoming weeks.

In addition to this, Ullu Web Series has already announced an exclusive limited series titled Shabana featuring Prince Narula and Yuvika Choudhary in the lead role. While Ullu Web Series is pretty constant with their upcoming web series, it is the quality that is deteriorating day by day.

Ullu App should hire good directors and actors from now on to carry on their titillating stories. While Charmsukh and Palang Tod series will continue to come in the future, Live Streaming looks like a promising web series.

Muskan Agrawal has been phenomenal in various other web series and episodes created by Ullu Originals. The Charmsukh Live Streaming is slated to release on 12th November 2021.

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