Berlin Spin-off Confirmed By Netflix Before Money Heist Release

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Berlin Spin-off Confirmed By Netflix Before Money Heist Release

The moment fans were getting wet by tears as Money Heist came to an end, Netflix amazed us all. Before we mourn over the epic showdown of La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist, Netflix announced the return of Pedro Alonso as Berlin in his own spin-off series next year.

The news is now breaking the internet as fans are excited to see one of their favorite characters will continue the series. Sources revealed that Andres de Fonollosa aka Berlin is the most famous character from the series.

Pedro Alonso as Berlin is charming in his own way with his captivating body language and stylistic appearances. Throughout the series, he remains calm in adverse situations and often comes forward when the gang needs him to lead the situation.

The character is likable even though it has many negative shades as well. For instance, he was portrayed as a megalomaniac, uncontrollable, autocrat, psychopath, and patriarch in the series on various occasions. He even held Ariadna captive during the heist in the first two seasons.

Berlin Pedro Alonso Netflix

Money Heist Successfully Redeem The Character From Its Bad Deeds

And just like all the popular negative characters, Money Heist successfully, redeem Berlin from all the bat shit he pulled off in the first two seasons. Berlin has its own track in the third, fourth, and fifth seasons which shows his motives for heists.

Creators showed that Berlin was terminally ill yet he participated in the heist. Also, he thinks of robbery as art and never did it for the money. Even the heist in the Bank Of Spain is Berlin’s idea. The professor is only sticking to the plan and executing it.

There is no doubt about the fact that Berlín is extremely important and it is a big treat for his fans to get a series dedicated to him. By the way, the series will be available to stream in 2023 on Netflix.

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