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Aasma Syed Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Aasma Syed Web Series And Movies Watch Online

The rise in local OTT content has given stardom to many young actresses. Aasma Syed is no different as she has been struggling to get the due fame for years. Now, the actress is enjoying the fan base which developed solely on her acting skills and the types of projects she chose to be in.

If you are an Aasma Syed fan, then you might be intere4sted to know the various projects she featured in. Here, we jot down all the information we get and prepare this list of popular movies and web series projects Aasma Syed featured.

1. Kaneez – Ullu Web Series

At first, it is the web series Kaneez on the Ullu app featuring Aasma Syed as one of the leading ladies. Little you know that the web series ‘Kaneez’ was earlier titled ‘Ek Miraasan’ but changed after the controversy on caste issues.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

2. Sur Taal – Hotshots Originals

Aasma Syed was also featured in the Hotshots Originals video titled ‘Sur Taal’. The video is quite appealing and charming in its own ways. Even though Aasma Syed was not the only actress in the video, she managed to be the audience’s favorite.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

3. Shubha Ratri – Ullu Web Series

One of the earlier web series from Ullu Originals shows the story of a lonely wife who thinks her husband is possessed by some witch. While the web series is certainly not about exorcism, there are many funny and titillating incidents in the series.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

4. Ishq Kills – Ullu Web Series

Aasma Syed went on to feature in another Ullu Web Series titled Ishq Kills. The story follows a typical love story in whole new different settings with a sad ending. This is what anyone can guess from the so-predicted title of the series.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

5. Gandii Baat Season 3 – ALT Balaji

Aasma Syed played the titular character Sonam in the 3rd episode of Gandii Baat Season 3 ‘Sonam Chadh Gayi’. Sources revealed that Ullu Originals often cast actors who have previous work experience with other OTT platforms or have good reach on social media.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

Aasma Syed Movies

6. Secret Of S3X (SOS)

People might know this but Aasma started her career with movie roles and featured in the drama ‘Secret Of S3x’. Even though the movie is forgettable for various reasons, fans showered their love for the film. It is available to watch online on YouTube.

Aasma Syed Web Series and Movies (3)

7. Koi Saath Hai

Aasma was featured in the horror movie titled ‘Koi Saath Hai’ in 2021. The story revolves around four friends played by Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubeay, Priya Tiwari, and Asma Sayad who visit an isolated bungalow and plan to call spirits.

We will update the page with every new movie or web series release of Aasma Syed. In the meantime read other interesting articles on

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