You are currently viewing 10 Times Indian Web Series Showed Suhaagraat At Its Best

10 Times Indian Web Series Showed Suhaagraat At Its Best

10 Times Indian Web Series Showed Suhaagraat At Its Best

Ullu Web Series recently released Kaneez showed Aasma Syed as a newly-wed bride in the bed. It got me thinking about what will be the newness in this scene which wasn’t what we have seen before. And a chain of thought led to thinking about why Indian directors keep visiting Suhaagraat scenes in web series.

There’s isn’t a specific answer to this question but the good part is the fact that directors have successfully achieved their goal to provide some of the best Suhaagraat scenes. Here, take a look at these raunchiest and passionate Suhaagraat scenes which evoke all types of emotions from happy, sad, romantic, guilty, forced, and even coerced.

1. Chittrali Das – Haqeeqat

You may not consider it even in the category of web series, but trust me Hothit’s Haqeeqat is a wonderful creation and shot aesthetically. Chittrali Das has done commendable performance to elevate the execution of somewhat very similar material we see often.

Chittrali Das suhaagraat scene Haqeeqat

2. Aparnaa Bajpai – ALT Balaji XXX

Time to go back to memory lane, and witness one of the most sensational Suhaagraat scenes ever shot for Indian web series. Aparnaa Bajpai shone as the bride in the third episode of ALT Balaji XXX titled ‘Bidai’. You can revisit the scene even now for pleasure.

Aparnaa Bajpai suhaagraat scene Haqeeqat

3. Aayesha Kapoor – Seal 2

Aayesha Kapoor also donned the Bridal getup for her web series Seal 2. She featured in many Primeshots web series and most of them are highly appreciated by people across the nation. She looked gorgeous as the bride.

Aayesha Kapoor Suhaagraat Scene

4. Prajakta Dusane – Tinku Ki Suhaagraat

As the name suggests, the major portion of the web series focused on bickering and trying to have a happy ending for the couple. With both the new actors having intimate moments on-screen, it is a delightful spectacle.

Tinku Ki Suhaagraat

5. Misthi Basu & Mahi Kamla – Riti Riwaz Pinjara

How many times have you imagined girl-on-girl action on SUHAAGRAAT bed? None, especially in the Indian setting. This is why Ullu Originals Riti Riwaz Pinjara is one of the most watch web series. With the boldness both the actresses carried their character; it can be revisited several times.

Mahi Kamala and Mishti Basu Suhaagraat Scene

6. Aasma Syed – Kaneez

Aasma Syed also gets the chance to enjoy her first night after a wedding in the Kaneez Web Series. It is a sight to behold as a gorgeous lady as Aasma in the body-hugging wedding dress in dark red. You can imagine the sexiness of the show.


7. Leena Jumani – Paro

Leena Jumani decided to be a part of web series titled Paro from Ullu Originals. The web series is based on the gruesome act of brides selling in the rural area. However, Leena Jumani’s Suhaagraat scene in the web series is a stand-out.

Leena Jumani Suhaagraat Scene

8. Ankita Dave – Chicken Curry

Kooku App brought Chicken Curry web series where Ankita Dave played the blind wife. For some reason, creators decided to shoot an exotic Suhaagraat scene of Ankita Dave to set the web series. Now everyone may say the scene is an extra in the story but as hot as anything else.

Ankita Dave Suhaagraat Scene (2)

9. Anushree Dutta – Intercourse

Remember the time when Local OTT was establishing itself and Hotshots Original was making headlines everywhere? At that time a web series was released titled ‘Intercourse’ featuring Anushree Dutta in the lead role. The short video showed the problem of a couple at their Suhaagraat.

Anushree Dutta Suhaagraat Scene

10. Tridha Choudhary – Aashram

Prakash Jha’s OTT masterpiece Aasharam has a separate storyline from Tridha Choudhary as well. The actress became the S3x symbol after the release of the Aashram web series. In many ways, Tridha’s Suhaagraat scene was path-breaking for Indian OTT content.

Ashram-actress-Tridha-Choudhury-suhaagraat scene

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