Relationship Counsellor Part 2 Watch Online For Sharanya Jit Kaur

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Relationship Counsellor Part 2 Watch Online For Sharanya Jit Kaur

Ullu Web Series released the 2nd part of Relationship Counsellor today. The web series as expected filled with lots of titillation. It is surprising to know that Ullu managed to pull off such a long narrative with 4 casts and their infidelity.

Sadly, the story has a twisted and sad ending. Well, it certainly doesn’t affect the people’s addiction towards such an alluring Ullu web series.

Talking about the acting performance, you can see the whole series has been enhanced in the post-production. They have surely shot all these intimate scenes aesthetically, however, the zooming women’s objects shows the devilish creative mind behind the camera.

We should also praise the actors and their comfort level in front of the camera. Both Sharanya Jit Kaur and Priya Gamre have elevated the show with their sizzling expressions and a stash of boldness in each frame of the Relationship Counsellor web series.


Relationship Counsellor Cast

Jiten Bisht (Kartik),

Sharad Ghore (Rajeev),

Sharanya Jit Kaur (Sejal),

Priya Gamre (Meghna)

All the actors have worked with Ullu Originals in various web series. While Relationship Counsellor Part 1 heavily focused on Priya Gamre and her character, Part 2 showed a lot of Sharanya Jit Kaur.

The web series has plenty of steamy scenes between Sharad Gore and Sharanya Jit Kaur. Fans often build high anticipation from Ullu Web Series. Clearly, Relationship Counsellor is not the ideal web series for fans as it hadn’t had any graphic scenes.

Meanwhile, fans are very curious about the next Ullu Web Series title which will be released tomorrow. At the same time, Kaneez Part 2 is also slated to release next week. Kaneez web series got a good response from fans and they are excited for the second part of the Kaneez series.


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